Your Checklist To The Perfect Women’s Boutique Clothing Store

76How to Choose a Good Dress?

A good boutique has a wide range of clothes to compliment diverse body types. When choosing a good boutique, you need to know whether they offer clothes for your body shape or not. The four body shapes for women include hourglass, pear, rectangular and apple shape. You also need to make sure that your chosen boutique has the fashion trend you are looking for. Each boutique has a different and unique feeling to it, and has its own style. Boutiques are meant to get away from the Forever 21 retail feeling and give you a fresh new selection of clothes you won’t find anywhere else.

How to Choose a Boutique Dress for an Apple Shaped Body?shutterstock_451494091

  • A-Line dresses with a V-Neck are ideal for pear shaped bodies as they tend to draw away the attention from your waist and mid-section. Opt for Empire Waist dresses to emphasize your assets and draw away the attention from your midsection. While choosing your tops, make sure that they fall below your waistline and all the way down to your hips. When you select such dresses, you ensure that your waist and your mid-section are completely hidden from view.
  • You need to avoid wearing double breasted jackets and steer clear of clingy silhouettes. In fact, if your top is bulky, avoid wearing it at all costs. Instead, opt for tunics, layered tops and ruche tops.
  • In case you are top heavy, you need to avoid straight cut trousers. Instead, opt for boot cut trousers with back pockets to compliment your body type.
  • It is also suggested that while wearing a belt, avoid tying it at your waistline. Instead, wear it just below your bust-line. This helps in making you appear curvaceous.

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  •  You should select a dress that tends to highlight your shoulders. When you wear scarves, shawls and necklaces with shoulder-emphasizing dresses, you tend to accentuate your body type.
  •  Select dresses that have embellishments. Patterned dresses are also ideal to be worn. Wear dresses that have full sleeve and a bateau neckline. Sleeves with caps are also a highly recommended dressing style for an apple shaped body.
  • You should not wear short skirts or pencil skirts. Instead, opt for flared trousers. Even A-Line skirts would do.
  • Avoid wearing tight pants or Capri pants. Instead, wear tailored trousers or pants.
  •  Try and wear light colored tops and dark colored pants.

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  •  Wear clothes that help you appear curvaceous, as your body is devoid of natural curves. As you have a thin waist, try and wear a belt at its narrowest portion in order to highlight it.
  •  It is suggested that girls with a rectangular shaped body should wear wrap-dresses or empire-waist dresses. This helps in making you appear curvaceous.
  • While choosing a top, you need to pay attention towards its length. An ideal length should be till the mid-section of your hip.
  • Choose tops with pleats or ruffles as that would help in accentuating your bust line. You should wear beaded necklaces or chunky earrings to highlight the upper portion of your body.
  • Your undergarments need to support your breast and help your waist appear more defined.
  • Wear peplum skirts, tops and even jackets, if you would like others to believe that you have an hourglass figure.

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  •  If you are blessed with an hourglass figure, you do not have to be very particular while selecting your clothes. Simply pick ones that emphasize your slim waistline.
  •  It is also suggested that you avoid wearing baggy outfits. You have to keep in mind that your primary aim is to highlight your waist. So, pick your clothes accordingly.
  • In case you have a large bust then, wear a suitable bra. You should not wear padded cups as that would make your bust appear droopy. Your undergarments need to be well fitted.
  • You can wear pencil shirts and pencil skirts as they would accentuate your bust. Choose V-Neck tops. While choosing an evening dress, opt for a V-Neck gown.

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  •  Always select an outfit as per the social occasion. You need to select a different dress for your office and an entirely different dress for an evening party. Hence, always keep the social occasion in mind before selecting a dress.
  •  Like it or not, you need to wear an outfit that blends perfectly with your body type. If you wear an ill-fitted dress, it would demean your personality regardless of its market value. It is also important to carry the dress in a confident manner.
  •  Always have a great pair of jeans in your wardrobe. For special occasions, opt for an expensive brand. For everyday wear, purchase an ordinary jean that does not pinch your wallet.
  •  When you dress, keep in mind that it is an expression of your personality. For example, if you are obese and you wish to wear a mini skirt to office, you need to reconsider your decision. Keep your dressing sense practical.
  • It is good to keep up with fashion but you need to know your limits as well. For example, you simply cannot hope to attend a marriage party wearing your exercise bra and slacks. While following the latest fashion trends, make sure they compliment the occasion.shutterstock_594388643
  • Simple tricks pertaining to the way you dress play a major role in transforming your appearance. For example, the way you tuck your shirt or the way you tie your belt, have a major role to play in transforming your overall appearance. Even a slight act as the ‘roll of a trouser hem’ can transform your overall appearance.
  •  Last but not the least; you must have a style signature. You need to identify your style quotient that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. This could be as simple as wearing a gold chain or a diamond bracelet.