The Ultimate Shopping Guide To Summer Clothes For Women

75Summer presents the perfect opportunity to rock all of your cool outfits and subsequently boost your self-esteem. This is the perfect opportunity to try out cool trends to keep you comfortable and well aerated. Cargo pants and cool tees are standard for guys, but ladies need creativity and variety to keep their feminine appeal on point. However, as much as summer is the perfect season to be more daring and adventurous in terms of outfits, it would spell total disaster if you don’t get certain aspects correct.

1. Body shape

What you wear should be determined by your body type. What works for your favorite celebrity, friend, neighbor or colleague may not necessarily work for you. The wrong outfit will not only make you uncomfortable but an eye sore as well. If your body is a pear shape, go for summer dresses with details at the top so as to take away the attention of the bumps around your hips. If going for pants, choose plain colored ones and pair them up with printed tops to keep the attention on the upper section of your body. Shorts are not a very good idea for this kind of body shape but it doesn’t mean that one cannot pull them off. Always go for shorts that rest a little lower than the widest part of your hips.

If you are heavier on the top, you could flatter your figure in a well fitting skater dress that’s fitting at the top and flowy from the waist down to balance out your body. In order to keep the focus on the lower part of your body and not on the upper area, incorporate prints and pattern on the lower section of the dress.


An hour-glass figure should be flaunted. The best way to achieve this is to finish off your dresses with a belt around the slimmest part of your waist.

2. Occasion

People enjoy the great outdoors during the summer season. They grab this opportunity to host and attend outdoor activities such as weddings, pool parties, beach fests and so much more. Each event requires an appropriate outfit. For summer weddings, choose to go for a bright colored flowy dress that allows air to run through. Pair this up with some printed flip flops and a clutch purse. For pool parties and a fun-filled getaway at the beach, some denim shorts and a cropped top over your bikini would be perfectly fine.shutterstock_276824324
Got a date? Or hanging out with some friends at your favorite coffee shop? Go for a short skirt, a feminine vest and pair them up with some crystal flip flops would work perfectly.
The office should always be treated with the respect and professionalism that it deserves. Fortunately, you can maintain a sexy and trendy appeal in a body-flattering body con dress. Alternatively, a decent chiffon top paired with a plain colored cotton pencil skirt will effectively battle the heat and keep you comfortable.shutterstock_276925805

3. Skin tone

Your skin tone can help guide you towards selecting the ideal summer outfit. If you have a dark skin tone, it is advisable that you go for summer outfits that are bright colored. Plain bright colors are alright but ones that incorporate small bits of patterns and prints on them are even better. For instance, go for a bright pink dress with thin bold colored stripes and patterns. These strike a harmonious balance that perfects your overall appeal. For light skin tones, take a bold step and shoot for bold colors such as jungle green, earth brown, royal blue. Outfits that incorporate bits of softer hues would also flatter your skin tone.

4. Trend

It is always advisable to keep up with the latest trends if a head-turning appeal is to be achieved. In this case, it would be best to invest in some fashion magazines for tips. Alternatively, choose to shop in one of the trendiest clothing stores in your area. Most of them readily pair and display the latest trends in mannequins just to give you an idea of what’s currently fashionable. If you still don’t fully trust your fashion sense, ask the store attendants to pair some outfits for you. Remember to try them on together to get a glimpse of what you’ll look like. What looks pretty on a mannequin may not necessarily look good when tried on.

5. Material


It is very important to keep yourself well aerated during this warm season. After all, this is where your comfort is derived from. Cotton is most preferred as they absorb sweat hence keeping your skin dry and comfortable. Lace is also a worthy material that allows air to flow in and out of your body hence keeping it well aerated for comfort. It is highly advisable that you avoid fabrics such as silk and wool.

6. Design

Some clothing designs work better during the warm summer season than others. If you want to remain cool and comfortable throughout the day, it is best that you go for dresses and tops with low necks. A strappy or strapless dress or top works better than a short sleeved one. The less amount of clothing against your skin, the higher your comfort levels.

7. Price

Just because the long awaited fun-filled season of the year is here with us doesn’t mean that you should break your piggy bank just to achieve a trendy look. There are lots of places that you could shop at with low prices. If you have some perfectly fine summer tops from last time then you should pair them up with some new bottoms instead of purchasing a full outfit.

Summer is all about fun, comfort, and creativity. With a little nudge in the right direction, every woman can successfully find a summer outfit that best works for them. Invest in a nice pair of flip flops that go well with almost all types of summer clothes to save you some money. Dresses help keep your body well aerated and decent for almost all occasions so invest in more than two of them. Remember, fashion magazines, blogs and television channels could be all that you need to alert you of the trendiest summer outfits.