The Top 10 Styles For Short Party Dresses

48A short party dress can be defined as a fashionable piece of clothing that is tailored to make a girl look chic, stylish, trendy and hot. These dresses usually either finish at the knee or a few inches above it. A good party dress can instill the missing confidence in a girl by making her feel comfortable, allowing her to intermingle with her friends, and dance freely without tripping over an over-sized gown. While there are several kinds of party dresses to choose from, short dresses are undoubtedly a hot favorite as they have an uncanny ability to boldly reveal your inner fashionista.

Top 10 Short Party Dresses for the Year 2017

1) The Little Black Dress


This is undoubtedly the most versatile and the most frequently used dress. Almost every woman has one in their closet. This dress has the uncanny ability to showcase multiple styles by fusing different fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, lace and leather. This dress is suitable to be worn for almost every special occasion, including your very first date.

2) Tribal Print Short Party Dress


If you have a big personality and love different prints, then an animal tribal printed dress is best suited for the occasion. Simply enhance your femininity by adding some accessories such as a few pieces of chunky jewelry, a pair of sandals and a matching purse.

3) Classic White Short Dress


This is a show stopper by all means. Wear it to a beach party, a wedding dinner or your date and it is sure to turn heads in your direction. This dress comes in a wide variety of styles – ‘open lace’, ‘off shoulder’, ‘bodycon’, ‘midi’ and ‘skater’.

4) The Short Silk Dress


A silk dress has the natural ability to make you appear sensuous and stylish. If you are blessed with an athletic body, simply wear a strapless silk dress and the add the missing charm to a mundane occasion. If you have an hourglass figure, it would be a great idea to wear a wrap silk dress with an A-Line.

5) The Cut Off Short Party Dress


A cut off dress has the ability to add charm to any party. Opt for a dress that is cut off from the back or from the sides and avoid over accessorizing with bold jewelry. To complete the charm of this dress, wear a pair of stilettos and a matching clutch.

6) Striped Short Dresses


Striped dresses have the ability to highlight your toned body. If you wish to highlight your curves, opt for horizontal stripes . If you prefer to opt for a more streamlined look, opt for vertical stripes instead. This dress is best worn during informal occasions or a casual night out with friends.

7) Animal Print Short Dress


This dress is to be worn during informal parties. It usually requires immense confidence to wear this dress as the animal prints have a tendency to become overwhelming. Wear neutral accessories or a solid cardigan to tone down the bold look.

8) Floral Skater Dress


Fortified with a well-fitting bodice and a skater length skirt, this particular dress is best suited for casual outings. You can add a slim belt in the middle to enhance the chic appeal of this dress. As for accessories, wear a pair of heels or ankle length boots to enhance your overall appearance. Funky jewelry can also be added to make this dress even more attractive and fun.

9) Polka Dot Dress


This dress has been in vogue since the early 1950s . To avoid looking like a vintage diva, simply choose a dress that has a black border. Low heeled sandals, flats and even heels, go well with this dress. Complete the look with a pair of simple pearls.

10) The Butterfly Print Dress


Butterfly prints are vibrant and they emit warmth. They are ideally worn during summer occasions- usually during non-formal parties. Ideal for a casual night out with friends or a family get together, this dress looks best when accessorized with neutral footwear or jewelry.

Tips on Choosing Footwear to Compliment Your Short Party Dresses

In order to complete the look of your dress, you need to choose a suitable pair of shoes to wear with it. Ideal choices are open toe shoes, high heels, stilettos and strapped sandals, but ultimately it is whatever you would feel the most comfortable in and what you’d feel confident wearing for the night.

Satin shoes or footwear with an added sparkle works are best suited for evening parties. If you ever have doubts about what color shoe to wear, then stick to black or white. Those are the safest options that can be paired with the most looks. These colors are universal and go with just about anything.

Try and avoid wearing clogs as they spoil the overall look of your short dress. Wearing stylish flats is often considered a suitable way to enhance your overall look. It is also easier to walk or dance wearing flats as compared to wearing high heels. While high heels do compliment your appearance, they hinder your natural body movement.

Tips on Choosing Accessories to Compliment Your Short Party Dresses

If you are wearing a shimmery dress, then it is wise to opt for simple earrings (such as the ones that dangle low). The bracelet or the necklace that you wear should evenly match and compliment the color and tone of your dress.
Always pay attention towards the quality of your jewelry rather than the price. Opt for high quality pearls, bracelets made of gold and earrings made of diamond. In case you do not have a lot of money to spend, try and choose suitable alternatives such as rhinestone necklace instead of a diamond piece. Both would look alike with the former being more affordable.

Last but not the least, always carry a clutch to complete the chic and stylish look. Avoid carrying larger purses and choose only those clutches that compliment your dress and your matching shoes.