The Perfect Combination Of Confident And Sexy For Women Clothing Styles


Every woman desires to have the perfect figure so that she can wear that sexy outfit advertised on TV. I have some good news for you; no matter what figure you have, you can look sexy by being strategic about what you wear and find the right style for your body. Some clothes are going to make you look sexy, and some clothes are going to make you look horrendous no matter what you look like. Wearing sexy clothes is all about choosing the right style for your body type and then having the confidence in knowing how beautiful you look. Here are some helpful hints and tips to assist you in achieving your desired look.


If jeans are worn the right way, they can look extremely attractive. Most women have got a pair of favorite jeans in their wardrobe. They are a perfect fit and make you feel like a million dollars when you put them on. If you don’t have the perfect pair of jeans, there is a possibility that you are choosing the wrong pair for your shape.


Boot cut jean are very flattering and look good on any woman regardless of their shape. A boot cut pair of jeans fits snugly around the thigh and knee and then flare out slightly at the bottom. Boot cut jeans accentuate your curves but also make your thighs look slimmer. To spice up your boot cuts, team them with a loose fitting blouse, tucked in. You can give the outfit an extra edge by adding a diamante belt.

If you have a flat behind, wear skinny jeans. They round out your posterior, making it look bigger in comparison to your thighs. Don’t allow the term “skinny jeans” to put you off, anyone can wear them as long as they are worn correctly.

If you want to look super sexy in your skinny jeans, buy a pair with some extra stretch which will give you extra room to breathe and move. One of the major fashion mistakes that women can make when trying to look sexy is wearing clothes that are far too tight. This makes you look desperate and not sexy. Complete your outfit with a top that stops just above the widest part of your hips. For shoes you can wear a pair of flat ballets, or tuck them into a pair of knee high boots. Buy jeans that are made out of a stretchy fabric such as elastic, spandex, polyurethane or lycra. The stretchy material will pull your thighs in, and make your butt look tighter and higher.


Make sure that you choose the correct rise. Jeans are available in a variety of different fits, but in general, the most flattering is the mid-rise jean. Look for jeans that stop beneath your belly button, but sit a few inches above your pelvic bone.

If you are overweight, stay away from low rise jeans, they put pressure on the stomach, causing the fat to bundle together above the waistline. Low rise jeans draw attention to the stomach area. Finally, you should look for a contour waistband, this is a waistband that has been cut on the bias which makes it more flexible. A contour waistband will prevent the jeans from creating an opening between your back and the waistband.


If you want to wear sexy clothing, try getting creative with the colors that you choose. A great way to display sex appeal, at the same time as looking classy, sophisticated and confident is to wear bold, bright colors.



Red is the symbol of life, it is also the color of energy. It evokes power, strength and creates a visual impact. There is a reason why stop signs and lights worldwide are red. It is a color that commands immediate attention.



Pink is known for it’s calming effect towards emotions such as aggression. This color is considered warm, loving and tranquil. Pink is known for its emasculating qualities making it a very feminine color.



Yellow is the color of optimism, sunlight and laughter. It has the power to elicit friendliness, lift your spirits and encourage creativity.




This color is connected with warmth, fun times and ambition. If you want to make a bold sexy statement, orange is the right color.



Looking sexy doesn’t always have to be about wearing a skin tight dress and high heels. If done the right way, you can wear casual clothing and still look sexy. Creating a balance between casual and sexy is all about combining styles, lengths and fits. For a casual look, you can wear something that drapes, to add some appeal to the outfit you can also wear something tight and revealing.

-Combine a long sleeved top or a turtle neck with something short such as a miniskirt or a pair of hot pants.

– Combine a pair of wide-leg pants with an open back or a low cut shirt.

– Add textures such as leather and lace to your look. Black pants become sexier when they are leather black pants. An ordinary top becomes sexier when it is lace, subtly allowing you to show some skin, while still looking casual and relaxed.



True sexiness is not based on what you are wearing but in the confidence that you have in yourself. If you feel sexy, you are going to look sexy, if you don’t feel sexy this will show. Whatever you are wearing own it, smile, keep your head up, back straight and shoulders back and strut like you know that you are every man’s dream woman.


If you want to wear sexy clothing, magazines and fashion blogs will point you in the right direction. They will teach you how to pair clothing and put your ideal outfits together.
Study how your favorite outfits are put together and copy it.

You can also create a Pinterest board of outfits that you find sexy. Look at what is trending and add it to your wardrobe. If your Pinterest board is showing a lot of distressed jeans, its time to purchase some new denim. If it is showing a lot of pumps, start investing in some.
Whatever outfit that you choose to wear, do so with a confident, winning smile and you will turn heads on every corner.