How To Choose The Right Evening Dresses For Plus Size Figures

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Here is a List of the Top 6 Evening Dresses for Plus Sized Women

1) The A Line Evening Gown – This is a perfect dress to lay emphasis on your waistline. Nonetheless, this dress does not literally highlight your waist. Instead, it tends to flare down, thereby creating an illusion that you are slim and pretty.

2) The Column Cut – This evening dress is also known as ‘sheath cut’ and it tends to flow in a straight line, beginning at your neck and all the way down to your hemline. This dress is blessed with narrow columns and it tends to cling to your curvy figure, thereby highlighting your vital body parts. The silhouette is elongated, which makes this dress best suited for girls or ladies that are short in height.

3) The Princess Cut – This dress makes use of vertical panels that start at the neck and run all the way down to the waist. The shape is quite similar to an A-Line dress with more flamboyance attached. To add more charm to this dress, simply elongate your silhouette, which in turn shall draw the attention towards the lines that have been created by the seams.

4) The Mermaid Cut – This dress tends to snug your body right from the chest and all the way to your knees. After the knees, it flares outwards, thereby resembling the tail of a mermaid. Show your confidence as well as your curves when you wear this dress.

5) The Ball Gown Cut – This particular dress comprises of a flowing skirt as well as a ‘body fit’ bodice. These can either be tailored as separate entities or in the form of a single dress. When you wear this dress, you tend to hide your lower body while highlighting your upper body.


6) The Empire Cut Evening Dress – The highlighting feature of this dress is its ability to emphasize your neckline and your curvy bust. It sits high on your waist and tends to finish right above your bust-line.

How to Dress a Plus Size Woman

Dressing as a plus size woman, you need to emphasize three main areas – the upper body, the midsection, and finally, your lower body. Here’s how:

The Upper Body:

1) The Bra Factor – While dressing your upper body, you need to ensure that your undergarments compliment your body build. While choosing a bra, you need to lay emphasis on its cup size, its strap, and the brand. If you have a large bust, opt for a bra that has wider straps.

Wear a bra that lies flat on the center of your breastbone, with its band parallel to your chest. Always ensure that the cup fits snugly onto your breast.

Wear a bra that compliments your evening dress. For example, wear a plunge cut bra to compliment an evening dress with a plunging neckline. Similarly, if your dress is strapless, then wear a strapless bra to go with it. A low back evening gown would requires a backless bra.

2) The Skimming Top Factor – Do not go for ill fitted tops. Instead, try and concentrate on well fitted tops that are not figure-hugging in nature. Try a body-skimming fit or a plunging neckline in order to highlight your breast area. An off-shoulder evening dress would be a perfect idea to showcase your bare shoulders. shutterstock_448518655

3) Dresses with Padded Bust – Wearing a Sweetheart neckline or a V Shaped evening dress with a built-in padding, is ideal to highlight your curvy figure. When you wear such a dress, your neckline tends to appear squarish, your neck and collarbones are highlighted and your cleavage is showcased in a subtle manner.

4) Dressing Sleeveless – Sleeveless or sheer sleeved evening dresses are best suited for plus sized women. Sheer sleeves with lace detailing are also preferred. Even a three quarter sleeve option is a good idea.

Dressing the Midsection

1) Highlight Your Waist – While choosing an evening dress, opt for clinched waistlines that shall accentuate your figure. A wrap-style dress is best suited for evening occasions. If you plan to wear a skirt, ensure that they start anywhere between your waistline and your bellybutton.

2) Color Combinations – Choose a solid color to highlight the vital parts of your body and avoid light colors. Opt for vertical stripes that have an elongating effect on your body. In order to highlight any particular area of your body, simply cover that area with larger patterns.

3) The Fabric – Thick fabrics with embellishments, ruffles and side beading, is best suited for plus size women. Use belts to narrow down your waist and use embellishments to add volume to it. In case your dress fabric is thin, find something to drape across the midsection to avoid the uncomfortable ‘body-hugging’ feeling.

Dressing the Lower Body

1) Skirts – If you are wearing a skirt, choose one that has a low hemline and finishes slightly above the knee. Skirts with pleats and those with longer backs and shorter fronts are best suited for plus size women. Skirts with vertical stripes too are suitable as they make you appear taller than your usual self. In order to make you legs appear longer, you can wear tights (lace or fishnets) that match the color of your dress.

2) The Slit Skirts – An ideal evening dress for a plus size woman is one that has a side split. This shall make you appear sultry besides elongating your legs.

The Footwear

Choosing suitable footwear is an ideal way to compliment your evening dress. Pumps with pointed toes or flat toes are a great choice. Try and select the color of your heel that matches your skin color or the color of the dress that you are wearing. Never compromise on your footwear, if you want to achieve a ‘complete’ look.