How To Choose Dresses For Plus Size Figures

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It used to be very difficult for plus size women to find trendy clothing due to the limited stores and options available. However, today that has all changed! The good news is that there are amazing brands that focus their attention on making beautiful dresses for women who are on the plus side. Their aim is to make sure that you feel comfortable and stylish in every outfit that you put on. You will not feel out of place in the fashion scene because the craze around the slender figure is not as high as it used to be sometime back.

Different Kinds Of Dresses


When you start looking for the right dresses to buy, you will see that there are different types on the market depending on your figure. The following are the common types that you can choose from.

  1. Dresses For Pear Shaped Figure


Most women have pear shaped figures. You can say that you are pear shaped if your lower body is noticeably larger than your upper body. For this type of body shape, you should look for dresses that emphasize your waist, bust, neck, arms and face. Wearing wide neck colorful tops will be a great way to broaden the shoulder line and bring up the eyes. Since your upper body is the best asset, you want to go for tailored and semi-fitted plus sized tops. To broaden your shoulders, you will need to go for necklines such as square necklines and cowl necks. For the bottom part of the body, you should consider using flowing comfortable bottoms that elongate that part. Maxi dresses and straight skirts will look really great on you if you have a pear shape.

  1. Dresses For An Athletic Shape


An athletic shape is simply a straight, well defined and toned figure that does not have much curve to it. If you are a woman with this shape, you tend to have toned arms, broad shoulders, toned stomach and square hips. Regardless of your height, you will have a square silhouette and a lower ratio of fat to muscle compared to the other body types. It will be a good idea to look for dresses for plus size that create an illusion of curves. Wearing certain types of belts and silhouettes will help to accentuate your figure. Flowy tops that feature sweet details such as lace or ruffles can be great to enhance your bust line or soften your shoulders. If you wear a flowy top or dress, you can clinch it up with a trendy belt to add a waistline. A tulip or bubble style dress will show off your toned hips and thighs very well. If you have wider hips, a dress that features details along the hemline will balance your curves and help draw eyes to a different area.

  1. Dresses For An Apple Shape


This is the most challenging body type to dress. That being said, it is also the easiest body type to camouflage problem areas. It generally features fuller breasts, slim arms, a wide back, slim hips, a trim butt and the shoulders could be wide. Most women that have the apple shape tend to gain wait in the midsection. If you consider yourself an apple, your upper body is larger compared to the lower half of your body. You can use the slim arms and legs to your advantage. You will look more shapely and slimmer if you wear dresses that feature a proper figure-flattering silhouette. When choosing tops, try to go for those that have an empire waist that starts under the bust in order to draw attention away from the stomach. Plus size tops that have deep v-necks will also look great on you. They will keep eyes focused upward. Since you are more top heavy, you want to go for dresses that have a fuller silhouette. Styles that come up to a natural waistline will be great to hide the larger stomach.

Facts To Know

  1. Opts For A Dress That Fits


It is important to make sure the dress you are wearing fits properly. A dress that is too big will make you look larger and sloppy while one that is too small will make you uncomfortable. So when you are out there shopping for dresses, make sure that you know your true size and choose dresses that fit your shape well. Do not be afraid to wear hugging outfits as long as you are comfortable in them. They can emphasize your figure.

  1. Colors and Prints Are Fabulous


Most plus sized women prefer black and dark colored dresses because they are slimming and great for hiding problem areas. While this is understandable, it does not mean that you should avoid colors and prints altogether. Be sure to add some of color in every outfit to create a cheerful look that will make you stand out.

  1. Find The Right Undergarment


Undergarments are very important for plus size women. If you have a fabulous dress and fail to wear the right undergarments, you may not look great. Make sure that you choose well-fitting and smooth bras and underwear for your dress to sit well and look better. The undergarments should be comfortable to your body frame and fit perfectly.

  1. Choose High Quality Fabric


You need to invest in dresses that are made of high quality and more structured fabrics. If you like putting on dresses that flatter your body, those that have flowing fabrics that drape around your body will be great. Try to avoid stiff fabrics.

Final Verdict

To be able to buy the right dresses that you will look great in, you need to understand your body type. Just like it is the case with buying shoes, you need to make sure that your clothes fit well and make you feel great. Every dress you wear should make you feel more like a woman, lift your inner spirits and bring out your inner girl. There are so many good plus size dress choices on the market, including A-line dresses, pintuck dresses, wrap dresses, maxi dresses, con dresses and shark bite hem dresses. If you used to shy away from dresses thinking that they are for skinny girls, now you know that you have countless options to choose from.