Dresses For Weddings: The Perfect Dress For Your Day

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1. Shop Early During the Day

A common mistake that brides find themselves doing is scheduling an appointment at the bridal shop later in the day. Think about it this way. The staff in these stores spend hours selecting, lining up and helping confused brides into different dresses all day long. This is not only a time-consuming process but an energy draining one as well. If you walk into the store later in the day, you will not get as much effort and dedication from them as the person who went in first thing. It is during this time that the staff is full of energy and determination to help you find your dream wedding dress.

2. Body Size

This is where most brides get it wrong. You walk into a bridal shop, browse through the beautiful wedding dresses then spot one fitted on a curvy, magazine worthy mannequin in the middle of the room. You point it out with excitement and in the middle of squeals state that it is the ‘one’. Well, If it looks that good on the plastic bride it will definitely look more beautiful in your fleshy self. At no point did you stop to think that your body shape or complexion. Do you match the mannequins? The reality is that most of us do not. This is the easiest way to end up spilling out of a beautiful dress and consequently forcing people to look away when you approach them. However, if you find that it is in fact the dress you always pictures you can ask the designers in the store to tailor it to your size.

3. Body Type

Always keep it in mind that different women have different body shapes, hence the need for different dresses. Just because a dress looked marvelous on your favorite celebrity or best friend during their wedding does not mean that you should go for the same gown. If you have a big bust, you may wish to go for a lace covered neckline. This creates a beautiful effect on your bosom without drawing unnecessary attention to it. In this case, it would be advisable to avoid low necklines that expose too much cleavage. Remember, cleavage makes your boobs appear larger than they really are.

If you have a not so large bum but you want to accentuate it, go for a wedding gown with a really low cut that rests just at the top of your behind. Alternatively, you could go for a princess design that flares up at the waistline.

To bring out your beautiful curvaceous body shape, always go for a mermaid designed dress. The dress will take the lead created by your bust, waistline and hips them flare thereafter.

3. Wedding Theme

Although the wedding dress boutique is filled with creative and extraordinary dresses that you never even imagined before this day, it is highly advisable to resist the temptation to be adventurous. Stick to your wedding theme and ask the staff to only bring out dresses that match that theme. This eliminates the chances of confusion hence helping you pick the right dress. The task and challenge will still be there as the number of dresses available in your theme of choice are vast, so you can still have the fun of hunting for the perfect dress.

4. An Honest Team

Selecting a wedding dress is a fun and exciting process that requires us to bring the people who matter most to us. It is a memorable moment that we want to be engraved in our dear ones’ minds whenever details of your wedding come up. However, the wrong team will definitely sabotage you. It is highly advisable that you bring in the people who will be honest with you. The last thing you need is a group of people who will nod and agree to every single dress that you put on even when it is obviously the wrong choice. Bring along your bold aunt Emma, tough roommate and even a neighbor if that will help you make the right choice. Choose people who know you and your style and who you can trust to tell it to you straight.

5. Bring a Camera

Last but not least, it is vital that you bring a camera with you on this challenging quest. Always keep it in mind that most photos bear the upper part of the dress so you might want to ensure that the dress you decide to go for has an outstanding torso. Snapping away at the top 5 dresses that you are torn about may be the ultimate deciding factor that helps you make the right choice. What you thought would be ‘the one’ among the rest may end up making you looking too big or thin on your wedding photos. Another one may make you look too dolled up which will earn its ride to the ‘no’ pile. Eliminating a few dresses will help bring you closer to your dream wedding dress.

As much as we want a magical wedding gown that looks like it’s been made for a princess, it is advisable to state your budget at the beginning. This will eliminate chances of disappointment and stress. If you wait too long to tell your consultant your price she might bring you a dress out of your budget and you might fall in love with it. That will make your efforts even worse when you have to downgrade and leave the store with your second option, not your first. Do not even let yourself be tempted.  You do not have spend your entire savings to find a dress that looks beautiful on you. Remember, a bride with a plan achieves most success.