How To Find The Perfect Designer Evening Dresses


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Designer evening dresses have the distinct ability to accentuate the overall beauty of a woman. Special care is taken to design these dresses to ensure that the curves of a lady are showcased aptly without adding a hint of vulgarity in the process. Evening dresses are simply timeless. No matter what time period the idea of a classic, beautiful evening dress is just the thing. Their classic appeal is simply irresistible. The perfect dress for your body adds the ‘missing punch’ to exquisite social events.

What’s the Confusion?

Women have been known to create quite a fuss while selecting their perfect evening gown. Questions such as, ‘what is the best dress’, ‘how to choose the best fabric’, ‘what would look best on me’ and ‘how much would it cost’, plague the mind of most women, thereby leaving them in a confused state. This confusion is completely justified as designer evening dresses come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, fabrics, prices and brand names. Hence, choosing the best among these myriad options often becomes a daunting task. Designers make a variety of styles and fits, because they know that no two women are the same. One dress that falls in all the right places perfectly on one woman will fall differently on another.

Three Categories of Designer Evening Dresses

Evening dresses are meant to enhance the curves of a woman in a non-vulgar manner. This is why evening dresses are made from the world’s finest fabrics. Common fabrics include Georgette silk, chiffon, velvet and satin. These dresses are further sub-categorized into three sections:

a) The Classic Designer Dresses – These are basically evening gowns or ball gowns that help in revealing the classic beauty of a woman.

b) The Bold – These are exquisite evening dresses that end at the knee.

c) The Modern – These dresses are in sync with the latest fashion trends. They can be both ball gowns as well as knee length dresses.

4 Steps to Choose the Best Designer Evening Dresses

Designer dresses are available in a wide variety of styles. If you are not sure of your style, you can get confused and make mistakes while finalizing your decision. So to help with the confusion, here is a 4 step process to avoid this confusion:

a) Select the Best Color – First and foremost, you need to make a special effort and choose a suitable color for your dress. The colors ‘black’ and ‘white’ are considered ideal for a formal occasion. Nonetheless, trends are changing. In modern times, colors such as blue, green, light pink and purple have been embraced by ladies.


b) Select the Style Carefully – There are three main categories of evening dresses -‘the long’, ‘the short’ and ‘the knee length’. All three categories of evening dresses have different styles and cater to distinct personas. You can choose from ‘halter top’, ‘ruffled sleeve’, ‘lace shoulders’, ‘plunge neck’, ‘wrap shoulders’, ‘mini’, ‘kimono tie pencil’, ‘side split gown’ and ‘cold shoulder’ dress styles. Simply opt for the style that suits your body shape and slip into it.

c) Select between Designer or Normal – Every woman has a choice with her dress. What is your personality? Do you want to be fancy, or would you rather stay more on the casual side while still being beautiful? It is up to you. You have the option between designer gowns or ordinary evening dresses that are devoid of any high end fashion label. Designer gowns are an expensive option. They are best suited if you want to appear ‘exceptionally beautiful’ and ‘stand apart’ from the rest of the crowd. If you do not have a deep pocket and you can live with ‘looking good’, opt for ordinary designs instead. shutterstock_119002138

d) Select the Best Accessory – In the absence of proper accessories, your evening dress would appear incomplete. You need to therefore select the proper earrings, necklace and a handbag. You may as well add other accessories such as a bracelet or a designer watch.

Choosing the Best Designer Evening Dresses as per Your Body Type

1) Perfect Designer Dresses for the Apple-shaped Body – If you have an apple-shaped body, it is advisable to choose an evening dress that hides your midriff while highlighting other body parts. Over 14% of all women have this body type. Opt for gowns that have long sleeves and ‘V-necks’. These dress styles take away all the attention from your arms/weight and divert it towards your bust. Likewise, to take the attention away from your hips, choose a gown with a single split. Never wear an evening dress that has a belt or a gown that clings to your waist. Black is also a popular color choice, as it is slimming and classy.


2) Perfect Designer Dresses for the Pear-shaped Body – In case you have a pear-shaped body, your aim should be to accentuate your upper body and keep those gazes away from your lower body if it is a trouble area. The trick here is to over-emphasize your arms and shoulder area and partially camouflage your lower limbs. Opt for ‘flared gowns’ or dresses that have a ‘side slit’. You may also opt for a ‘padded bra’ to highlight your bust.


3) Perfect Designer Dresses for the Rectangular Body Type – Such a body type is informally called the ‘boyish figure’. Almost 46% of all women have this body type. Basically, you have a thin frame with slender limbs and you lack curves. To enhance your ‘less-visible’ curves, you can wear an evening dress that has a belt. This shall allow you to ‘pinch’ your waist and highlight your curves. Your dress should have frills and a lot of embellishments to add the missing volume and texture to your body. To ensure that you look more feminine, you can opt for ‘shapewear’.


4) Perfect Designer Dresses for the Hourglass Body Type – This is the perfect body type. You are blessed with all the curves in all the right places. Only 8% of all women are blessed with this body-type. While choosing an evening dress, you need to ensure that you wear a snug gown with all the accessories highlighting the slimmest part of your waistline. In order to balance your top portion with your lower portion, add a ‘pinch’ to your waist. Opt for ‘V-Neck dresses’ to look classy. Highlight your figure by wearing a padded bra. Avoid wearing dresses that make you appear ‘boxy’.


Perfect Footwear to Compliment your Evening Dress

It would be a shame if, despite spending endless hours determining your favorite evening dress, you are unable to achieve the ‘complete look’. So, what does it take to find the missing piece and complete the look? The answer is – the perfect shoes. An evening dress usually requires you to wear high heels. To ensure that you are able to move around swiftly, select shoes with moderate heel height. You can take your pick from ‘classic pumps’, ‘satin pumps’, ‘slingbacks’, ‘peep toes’, ‘patent pumps’, ‘elegant high heel sandals’, ‘strappy high heels’, ‘cut out sandals’, ‘ankle boots’ and ‘platform heels’. shutterstock_525798265

Dress Codes for a Classic Evening

Wherever you are invited to attend an evening party, you need to dress as per the occasion. There are three main types of dress codes applicable in evening wear for parties. These are:

1) The Formal Dress Code – While attending such an event, you need to wear a full length gown made of satin or silk. To compliment that gown, you should wear pumps or high heels made of patent leather. A pair of elegant sandals that have embroidery would also complement your ball gown.


2) The Semi-Formal Dress Code – Long evening gowns or cocktail dresses are best suited for such occasions. Pumps and strappy sandals would look best with such evening dresses. A perfect example would be wearing shiny peep toes with a floor length satin gown.


3) The Informal Dress Code – This is an occasion that does not require any dress code. You can wear an ankle length evening dress and don a pair of ankle length boots to go with it. Likewise, you can also wear platform heels or open toe shoes to compliment your evening gown.