Cheap Cocktail Dresses Guaranteed To Turn Heads


We ladies are always looking to get our hands on the best fashion out there. You can never have too many clothes in your wardrobe. Regardless of the occasion, you must always have something ready for every type of event. A cocktail dress is something that can be versatile for any occasion, and as a woman you can never have too many. It’s not always possible to have a lot of cocktail dresses in your closet from Sacks Fifth Avenue unless you are Jennifer Aniston. This does not mean you can’t find a cocktail dress. If you search in the right places you can find beautiful cocktail dresses on a budget.

Why a Cocktail Dress?

A cocktail dress is like a protocol dress for ladies. Even though there are a lot of options like long gowns or mini dresses, a cocktail dress goes a long way in making you look spectacular. Whether you are a working lady or a girl in high school, you are always going to need the perfect cocktail dress for parties, fundraisers, prom, banquets and what not. Since the list of events is almost endless, it is necessary that you equip your wardrobe beforehand. These dazzling dresses are every girl’s go-to. These dresses make you look classy and sexy at the same time. With the perfect dress, you will leave the men around you wanting for more.shutterstock_509121508

Even if you are on a budget, you do not need to make a sacrifice in fashion. You need to take some time out, do a bit of research and you can easily find the perfect cocktail dress that does not look cheap or poorly made. From ball gowns and prom dresses, to holiday dresses and banquet attire, you can find the best at a price you can easily afford.


What to look for in a perfect Cocktail Dress?

No matter the price of a dress, there are a few things that you must keep in mind while choosing the right dress for you. Since cocktail dresses are usually worn at formal occasions, you need to understand where to draw the line between being classy and being sexy. You do not want your dress to look too appealing or too over the top. Every girl wants the perfect looking dress for her. Here are a few points that will help you choose wisely-

  1. Length – Cocktail dresses are generally characterized by knee-length cuts. You can always go for a dress few inches above or below the knee.
  2. Hemlines  – The hemline is the lower edge of the dress, or where it ends. You don’t want your dress to hit you at an unfortunate length. Here’s a life-saving tip- When you are trying a dress, put your arms down your side. If the hemline reaches below the tips of your finger, the dress is good to go. Otherwise look for another one.
  3. Necklines  – With so many varieties of necklines available, we tend to get confused and end up choosing a disastrous neckline. You should choose a neckline that draws attention to your face. You must consider face shape, neck length, shoulders, bust and body shape before finalizing a neckline.
  4. Dress Versatility  – If you do not want your dress sitting in the closet; choose a dress that may suit any occasion. You can also do this by pairing your dress with different accessories every time you wear it.
  5.  Sleeve Type –  Choose wisely between Bell, Bishop, Dolman, Cap, Fitted, Gibson, Juliet or Three-Quarters. If you have attractive arms, you may want to show it off. Cap sleeves or sleeveless will work best for you. But if you have lanky arms, you may want to choose between Bishop and Gibson.


Choosing the perfect dress according to your body shape:

First of all, you need to identify your body type. Generally, there are five body types used to describe the body shape of females- Pear shaped, Apple shaped, Rectangle shaped, Hourglass and Inverted triangle. If your lower body is larger than your upper body, you have a pear shaped body. If you have more weight around the middle with a less-defined waist, you have got an apple shaped body. If you have no visible curves and have a straight body from top to bottom, it’s a rectangle shaped body. If you have a proportionate body with a fuller bust, fuller hips and a tiny waist, you have an hour glass body. Lastly, if you have broad shoulders, larger bust and slender hips, you have got an inverted triangle shaped body.


Now that you know your body type, let’s get down to business

1. Pear-Shaped Body– For all those who have a pear-shaped body, strapless dresses are your best bet. Other than that, you also choose halter-neck dresses, A-line dresses or low-plunging necklines. Double-toned dresses with light shades on the upper half and darker shades in the other half will accentuate your figure.
2. Apple-Shaped Body– Ladies with such a body shape need to get their hands on dresses with V necklines. You can also go for draping styles or empire waistline dresses. You must avoid loose dresses at all costs. Try to add beautiful accessories too.
3. Rectangle-Shaped Body– Your dress must try to create curves in your body. Choose a scooped neckline with peplum waist. If not, put on a peplum jacket to define your waist. Two pieces ruffled tops, detailing on the chest area will also make you look good.
4. Hour Glass Body– This is the most desirable body type. You must choose a dress that defines your petite waistline. Go for body-con dresses, shift dresses with monotone colors. Avoid high necklines.
5. Inverted Triangle– V-necklines, sweetheart necklines and asymmetrical hemlines are your best bets. Try to avoid wearing full sleeves or dresses without straps. Go for a cocktail dress that adds volume to your hip line creating the hour-glass shape.


Final Thoughts:

I hope that you have a clearer idea of what kind of dress you are looking for. There is an immense range of styles that you can choose from, but always choose the dress wisely. Cheap cocktail dresses can be found easily, the key is to understand your body shape and find the best accessories to make you look absolutely stunning. Remember to go for high heels always; flat shoes will not look good at all. Finally, it’s all about the confidence with which you carry yourself and everything you wear will look good on you.