shutterstock_156758693For women, keeping up with the latest in fashion trends can feel like a never ending battle. While it can be challenging keeping up with what the new looks are, it can also be a lot of fun. Fashion is constantly evolving and changing, it is a fluid world where what is in one day can be considered old and boring the next day. Fashion is influenced by celebrity style, public perception, and also the vision of top designers. On top of those factors that influence the ever changing fashion trends, the seasons of the year also play a big role in determining what looks are considered to be in style. From the latest swimsuits in summer to the latest trend in winter coats, the shifting seasons mean changes in the type of clothing that women wear, and with those changes come changes in what is considered trendy. Keeping up with ongoing fashion trends takes some effort, but for many women it’s effort well spent. After all who doesn’t want to look their best and impress the people around them?



The Latest Looks For Summer

Summer fashion is all about bright colors and clothing that lets your skin breathe as the weather warms up. Summer styles that you need to pay attention to include swimwear, casual clothing, and also higher end looks that you put on when you are planning a night out on the town. Summer fashion generally leans toward a less is more approach since rising temperatures make too much clothing uncomfortable. So embrace the heat of Summer by dressing in looks that are comfortable but also bring some heat of their own.

When it comes to Summer fashion the first thing that often comes to mind are swimsuits. Many women dread swimsuit season since they feel uncomfortable with their bodies. While you should be proud of how you look and not allow others to make you feel uncomfortable, the truth is that most people aren’t completely happy with what kind of shape they are in. The good news is that this Summer swimsuits worn by celebrities and other trend setters are one piece suits that have a more modest look to them. While the iconic bikini will always have it’s place, it’s nice to see swimwear with that is a little less revealing, and a lot more comfortable to wear. Now while one piece suits are trendy it’s important to recognize that these aren’t the same suits your Grandma would have worn. Modern one piece swimsuits are far more exciting and feature curves and exposed skin in ways that are appealing, but also not too revealing at the same time.

While we all probably wish we could sit by the pool all day relaxing, the sad truth is that even during Summer months there are places to go and people to see. So what types of clothing are trending for being out and about during the Summer? One staple of Summer is the sun dress. A sun dress is a light, free flowing, and colorful article of clothing that you can wear for many occasions. While sun dresses have long been popular during the summer, they appear to be making a bigger mark this year than normal. If a sun dress isn’t quite your thing, but you still want to remain cool and comfortable, then a nice pair of shorts is a great alternative for you. This Summer crimson is the color of choice for the most trendy shorts, so make sure when you are out shopping that this is the main color you are looking to find. Whether a solid crimson or other shade of red, or a pair with a pattern or other design, you really can’t go wrong as long as you are picking out shorts that are flattering for your body type.

While the weather is still warm you should also take advantage of the opportunity by wearing more short sleeved shirts or even fashionable tank tops. As with all Summer clothes just follow two simple rules when picking out warm weather shirts. Stick to bright colors, and stick to a simple design. You don’t need an elaborate look for most Summer events or activities. So pick out something simple. This is a great rule of thumb to follow when picking out Summer time footwear. While you can wears other types of shoes, sandals and even flip flops should dominate your Summer footwear choices.

Once you have the basic clothing you can wear while running errands or spending time lounging by the pool the final piece to your Summer ensemble should be clothing that you can hit the town in. This Summer solid white looks as well as garden prints seem to the look of choice favored by both celebrities and designers. Whether you prefer a dress, skirt, or even a more formal suit, you can look your best if you take the time to pick out the right trending fashions that suit you. Just make sure that you plan appropriately for whatever you will be doing, and you should look like you are part of the in crowd.

Fall Fashion Trends

As summer winds down, and temperatures begin to cool, it’s only natural that the fashion world will shift it’s attention toward a different look. This fall there are some intriguing new looks that you should definitely check out, and once you learn how to modify them to suit your own personal style you will definitely be a trend setter. Fashion often takes interesting turns that nobody could see coming, and this fall the looks that are trending are a perfect example of this. One example of this is the Navy inspired look that is currently gracing runways and capturing the public’s attention. With cooler weather on it’s way, blue Navy style coats are quickly becoming a popular choice for this in the industry. Another popular look that is making headway are leopard prints. While leopard prints have a tendency to come and go in terms of popularity, the unique look and take on the theme this year seems to hint that they may be more a permanent fixture in the fashion world. If you want to make this animal inspired look a part of your wardrobe feel free to try either a coat or a fully body outfit.

Now just because summer is over that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on wearing dresses for the year. This year a layered look with multiple pieces of overlapping fabric appears to be one of the main trend setters. One of the most important things to keep in mind when considering dresses for the Fall is that their colors should be considerably more muted than those worn during spring or summer time. When summer comes to an end and the leaves in trees change color so to should the pallet that you choose your clothing from. Fashion is all about embracing the changing seasons as well as trends, so if you want to keep up you need to make sure that you are wearing dresses that have an appropriate color scheme.

If you are looking for a more formal look you really can’t go wrong with basic black this year. Solid black outfits that incorporate semi transparent sheer fabric incorporated into parts of it. Since the weather is still on the mild side during the Fall you can get away with wearing sheer fabric. Another unique trend this year includes the use of large floral prints on a dark or muted fabric. In the past bright floral prints were more of a spring and summer look, but this year the fashion rules have once again changed. By wearing a bright floral print you can stand out from the crowd and get others to take notice, which after all is what fashion is all about.

While floral prints were one thing, another change up in the fashion world has occurred as butterfly prints are now a popular choice this Fall. While most people think of a butterfly as being a creature associated with spring, this Fall butterfly themed clothing is definitely trending in a big way. Bright butterfly patterns over darker clothing is a way to embrace the changing seasons while at the same time showing an appreciation for the Summer months that have just come to an end. Of course you can’t have any conversation about Fall fashion trends without mentioning coats. As the temperatures begin to cool off you need to be able to keep yourself warm and comfortable, and you need to be able to do it while still sporting an eye catching look. This Fall the coats of choice are those that feature full shoulders as well as thick and full trim around them.

Winter Fashion Trends

This Winter the emerging fashion trends are both unique and quite diverse as well. While Winter is often thought of as a dark time of year when cooler temperatures means less vitality in the world, you can still showcase a vibrant look if you know how to pull it off. The key to looking fashionable during the Winter months is to embrace the cold weather and wear clothing that fits in with this type of environment. Fortunately even the fashion world recognizes that you need additional layers of clothing in order to keep those cold temperatures for making you miserable. The good news here is that there are plenty of trendy looks that you can adopt for the Winter months that will keep you looking your best while keeping warm and comfortable.

One of the more interesting looks that appears to be gaining steam for the upcoming Winter are graphic designs that incorporate solid blacks and whites into them. The stark contrast between black and white in the more popular Winter designs is a great look to showcase during colder weather. This year’s Winter fashion featuring this black and white contrast are quite striking, and can be worn for everyday errands, or for a more formal occasion. Making this look even more flexible is the fact that there are a wide range of patterns that are emerging as good Winter looks. There are checker patterns, stripes, Zebra stripes, and even mosaic style designs that are starting to turn heads in the fashion world. While a basic rule of thumb for years with fashion has been that you can’t really go wrong with either black or white, it appears now that the combination of the two is quickly becoming a can’t miss look as well.

With weather turning colder it’s only natural that coats are a major part of the Winter line. Much like in the Fall heavy refer coats are a big thing this season. Inspired by a traditional Navy coat you can wear these for many occasions, and the fact that they are trending for Winter as well as Fall means that you can get a lot of use out of them this year. If you want to sport a more striking look there are a wide range of tribal looks that are turning heads. Incorporating fur and tribal patterns these coats are truly eye catching and are on the cutting edge of the upcoming new looks. Inspired by the looks adopted by indigenous peoples that live in the northern hemisphere in truly cold weather, these looks have been updated with a modern flair to make them ideal for the woman who keeps up with fashion trends.

If you are in the mood for an evening out then the look to go after this Winter is the elegant, black velvet dress. Since the colder weather is a part of the season the dresses that are sticking out from the crowd this year are all full length. These striking black dresses give the woman who wears them a cool, sophisticated look that is ideal for the Winter months. There are many types of this dress available, from strapless to those with intricate patterns woven into their design. The trick will be for you to find the dress that accents your body type and personality. The good news is that with a black velvet dress you really are choosing a can’t miss look that will be sure to capture the attention of everyone around you.

The other two major trending Winter fashion designs are quilted coats and vinyl. Quilted coats give you the opportunity to explore a more unique look that in the past wasn’t that popular. The great thing about quilted coats is that there are a huge variety of options out there, and you are sure to find a pattern and color scheme that suits you. The other option is vinyl. Yes vinyl is making a huge comeback in the fashion world and is quickly becoming one of the more popular options for a striking and cutting edge look. From full length coats to dresses, there are a wide range of designs, colors, and looks that showcase the many diverse ways that vinyl can be used to promote a high end fashion look.

When planning out your Winter look it’s also important to remember that your feet need to look their best as well. While you should be wearing simple sandals during Spring and Summer, the cold Winter months need footwear that provides more protection. When picking out your Winter boots make sure that you keep in mind that these need to be functional first. You need Winter footwear that is appropriate for cold weather. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear Army boots, it just means that you need boots that have good traction and that will also keep your feet warm. Fortunately there are many fashionable boots that fit this description, so make sure that you choose several pairs that will compliment your various Winter looks.

Spring Fashion Trends

Once the ice begins to recede and leaves on the trees begin to return you know that Spring is on the way. Spring is a season of renewal, where life returns to the world and warm weather is right around the corner. Spring is a season that fills most people with hope, and the fashion world reflects this by using more warm and vibrant colors, and more dramatic designs. So what looks are trending for the next Spring? The first of the fashion trends you need to be following are the line of skirts being introduced by many different designers. Featuring bright, vibrant colors and simple patterns, these skirts are an ideal way to welcome back warm weather. The key to nailing this look is to embrace the bright colors and make it work for you. Don’t be afraid to wear colors that are truly striking since these are appropriate for Spring, and they will also help you to stand out from the crowd. Just imagine the attention you will receive if you walk down the street in a bright red and blue skirt while everyone else is still wearing more subdued Winter colors.

Continuing the trend of bright colors another upcoming look are simple plaid type patterns on a variety of different clothing items. From t-shirts to shorts, pants, or skirts, a simple plaid pattern looks great during the Spring. If you decide that you want to embrace this look then you should also make sure that you tone back the color scheme a bit. While bright colors are generally a can’t miss for Spring, when dealing with a plaid look you don’t want to go overboard. Using a darker pattern with plaid works well, and it still embraces the warmth of spring in a way that is appropriate and striking. Remember it’s all about the design that you are wearing, and when it comes to plaid bright colors just don’t work as well.

Another look that is quickly gaining steam are micro pleat fabrics. Micro pleat fabrics are free flowing, retain their shape well, and the way that they drape over a woman’t body is usually quite flattering. Micro pleat fabrics are an ideal choice for many types of clothing, and they come in a range of patterns and bright colors that are well suited for Spring weather. What makes this fabric so appealing to many women is the fact that it almost always creates an attractive silhouette that makes the woman wearing it feel comfortable and relaxed.

Remaining Fashionable As A Plus Sized Woman

If you are a woman that follows fashion trends then you probably have noticed that just about every runway model you have ever seen was thinner than any normal woman could ever hope to be. If you happen to be a plus sized woman this can have a real impact upon your self esteem and desire to remain fashionable. What you need to remember is that people come in all shapes and sizes, and there is nothing wrong with the way you look. With that being said there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your clothing choices accent your body and make you look your best. Just because you aren’t the size of a model doesn’t mean that you can’t walk through like feeling confident and looking amazing.

The first thing you should do as a plus sized woman is to choose clothing that gives you a little more room. You don’t want to wear tight fitting clothing that will hug your body. Instead you want to choose clothing that is looser and more free flowing. This will not only be more comfortable, it will help to create a more attractive silhouette that focuses upon your overall beauty instead of your problem areas. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear clothing that is baggy and ill fitting, instead it means that you have to learn how to choose the right clothing for you. If you are a little thicker in your midsection, then choose clothing with more room in that area. Just make smart decisions and you will be able to find fashionable clothing that makes you look and feel your best.

In the society that we live in there is an unnatural perception of beauty that is showcased to the world. From movie stars to models thin is the look that sells. But what you have to keep in mind is that these are not normal people. These are people that have great genetics, and the money to spend hours at the gym and on expensive healthy foods. They usually have personal trainers and chefs to help them maintain their look. Chances are that you don’t have countless hours to spend at the gym, and that hiring a personal chef isn’t in your budget either. This doesn’t even account for the fact that these people are almost certainly genetically predisposed to be thin. So don’t feel bad if you are a plus sized woman. If you want to be thinner for yourself, then work on it. But there’s nothing wrong with embracing who you are, and also wearing the latest fashions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Make Your Own Mark

As a woman who follows fashion you are probably focused upon trending looks, and what celebrities are wearing, and what the hottest designers are putting out. Being so tuned into the fashion world can be a good thing, but it can also hamper your own personal sense of style. You need to remember that it’s important that you be yourself and that you embrace your own unique sense of style and creativity. If you don’t think a particular look is right for you, then change it, get rid of it, or do whatever you have to do to make it work for who you are. Don’t ever feel pressured to wear a certain style of clothing because that’s what a famous celebrity is doing. If the look just isn’t right for you, then it’s not right for you.

The great thing about the world of fashion is that it’s such a fluid and constantly changing environment. This means that what is trendy today can quickly be out of style tomorrow. It’s a world where creativity is embraced, so if you have a love for fashion them embrace your creativity. While saying that there is no right and wrong in the fashion world is a bit of a stretch, what you can say is that rules can be bent or even broken. The point is that there is no right or wrong, there is only your own personal sense of style and your ability to interpret and modify trends to suit your personal feelings.

Don’t Feel Pressured Into Breaking Your Budget To Keep Up With Fashion Trends

Another important thing to keep in mind if you are a follower of the fashion world is that you shouldn’t let your passion have a big impact on your budget. Now if you have a lot of disposable income and want to spend it on designer clothes and shoes, then that’s a personal choice that is perfectly fine. On the other hand if you are a Mother and have family commitments, then you shouldn’t feel pressured into having to buy a lot of expensive high end items. The good news is that you can embrace your fashion sense without having to go into debt to do it. Take the time to look around for items that are on sale, and for items that will give you the look of a high end item without the price. What you need to remember is that all of those glamorous models and celebrities that you see wearing high end items are all people that have a lot of disposable income. So don’t feel bad if you aren’t able to buy the same types of clothing and accessories as those in the upper level of society enjoy. Instead make smart decision and you can look fashionable on a much more reasonable budget.

Embracing The Ever Changing World Of Fashion

The fashion industry is never static, it never rests, it constantly evolves and changes. It is a world shaped by artistic designers, and by the celebrities and models that wear their designs. It is a world of unparalleled creativity wear designs from the bizarre to the breathtaking grace walkways around the world. Following the latest trends can be exhausting, but if this is a world that you love to feel a part of, then it can be truly exhilarating. As the seasons change throughout the year the look that is the in look will change as well. This is part of what makes the fashion world so much fun to follow, it’s an ever changing environment where new and exciting looks are constantly being unveiled.

While following the fashion world it’s very important that you maintain your perspective. Don’t make the mistake of getting so caught up in the latest trends that you spend too much money buying new clothes and shoes. You also need to remember that you don’t have to copy what you see others doing, there’s nothing wrong with you developing your own sense of style. You can be you, and you can be comfortable with who you are and what you like. Also don’t be afraid to try to be fashionable if you don’t have what the world considers and ideal body. Those models walking the runways and showing off the latest looks are not normal people. They are people that have great genetics, and the time and money to eat right and workout all the time. If you happen to be a plus sized woman then be happy with who you are and wear clothing that suits your body type. By making smart choices you can look great no matter what type of body you have.

The world of high fashion is a world that produces some of the most creative artistic vision in the world today. In most cases the designs you see on the runway aren’t exactly feasible for the real world. But that’s not the point of these fashion shows. The point is to showcase the talent of the designers and to inspire the world. If you love fashion then make it a part of your life, embrace it, but just don’t let it become an all consuming passion.