Different Nail Designs To Make You Feel Beautiful

Professionally done nails can help brighten your everyday look or enhance your outfit. With so many different nail art designs to choose from nowadays, you will find the most appealing ones to complete your elegant look. Hollywood stars and celebrities usually showcase the hottest nail designs at red carpet events and other functions. So, if you want your nails to look great, you can simply copy the nail design that your favorite star has, or begin to think of something new and creative on your own. For those of you daring women you can even try these fun and unique designs from home. Whether you choose to stay home or go see a professional, here are a few designs you can try out.

  1. Basic Manicure


A basic manicure will be perfect if you are new to the world of nail fashion. It is very simple to apply. You will need to get a friend or nail technician to apply a cream, lotion or oil to your cuticles and then put your hands into warm water for about 5 minutes. After the hands are properly soaked and the cuticles have been tamed, dry your hands and choose the nails and length that you prefer. The options that you can choose from include oval, square, popular stiletto shape. Once the shape of the nails has been defined, your nails should be massaged, followed by application of a base coat. After that, a polish of your choice should be applied two times. The last step will be to apply a top coat and then place your hands under a nail dryer to dry the nails.

  1. French Manicure


This is a nail design that you should consider if you want to achieve a clean and gorgeous look. The best part about it is that it is very easy to achieve. You will just need to take a clear, beige or pale pink polish and then apply it over the entire nail. For the tip of the nail, use white polish. The result will be healthy and vibrant nails that are perfect for all occasions.

  1. Reverse French Manicure


You can also try a reverse French manicure for gorgeous nails. It is a look that originated from high fashion runways in Europe before making its way into the mainstream. It is essentially a spin off of the traditional French manicure. The “moon” of the nail is usually painted white while the rest of the nail is painted using a darker shade. Alternatively, you can reverse the colors by painting the entire nail with white polish and finish with a strip of color along the tip. During summer and spring, the best shades for the reverse French manicure will be pink and yellow. During winter and fall, you should try black and wine.

  1. Gel Manicure


You need to try the gel manicure if you are looking for a long lasting manicure without the potential damage or commitment of applying acrylic nails. To apply it, you just need to follow all steps of a basic manicure. However, you will need to use a special polish that is usually cured under ultra violet light. If properly applied, it can last longer compared to polish used for a basic manicure. It is also less prone to chipping.

  1. American Manicure


This manicure is quite similar to the French manicure but the color and shape of the nails are different. The tips in the American manicure can sometimes be round. Also, more off white or neutral colors are used on the tips in the American manicure.

  1. Paraffin Manicure


If you have overworked or dry hands, a paraffin manicure will be really great for you. The skin is infused with an instantaneous moisture using paraffin. The end result is a smooth and supple skin. During the application of the manicure, a stimulating hand massage is done followed by a chic basic manicure polish look. Various oils can be added to the paraffin to make it more effective, for instance grape seed oil.

  1. Hot Stone Manicure


If you want to give a gift to a friend or are considering something ultra-pampering, the hot stone manicure is what you need. It includes all delights of a basic manicure with an addition of heated stones that are usually placed over the hands in order to provide comfort and relief. It is one of those manicures that you can easily give yourself at home.

Different Nail Art Tools

To be able to apply the above-mentioned nail designs successfully, there are various nail art tools you will need to have. The following is a list of the five must-have nail art tools if you are a DIY person.

  1. Dotting Devices


The dotting devices will prove useful when you want to make dab and loop designs. You can use them to make basic spotted patterns very easily. They are available in different sizes, so you will need to choose them depending on the extent of the spots that you need to make.

  1. Nail Design Stickers


These stickers usually accompany solid adhesive support. You are supposed to apply them on dry nail polish and then fasten them using a quick, dry top coat. You will find them in an assortment of outlines that include flowers, cartoons and so on.

  1. Rhinestones


It is important to have distinctive colors, sizes as well as states of rhinestones in your stash because you will need them when applying different nail designs. They will add charm and bling bling to your nail art.

  1. Nail Polishes


Great shades of nail lacquers are a must-have for DIY nail designs. Make sure that you have white and dark shades because they are the ones you will be using the most. You should also have some sparkly or textured nail veneers. An attractive nail lacquer is going to help you get the most appealing nail finish.

  1. Loose Gleam Or Confetti Dazzle


You do not necessarily need to have shine in a polish. Sparkle to your nails can be applied in a powdered form. You simply need to sprinkle a little sparkle on the nail polish using a fan brush to achieve a great look.