By learning about proper nail care, and the creative ways that you can customize your nail polish, you will discover that there are a lot of simple things you can do to make your nails unique. Fair or not we live in a society where a lot of importance is placed upon your appearance. If you have nails that are well cared for then this will leave a positive impression when people notice them. On the other hand if you have nails that are not well cared for then this will have the opposite effect. You also need to remember that next to your face your hands are one of the first things that people notice when they meet you. The last thing you should ever want to happen is to meet someone new, shake hands with them, and have them get the impression that you don’t care about your appearance. Unfortunately this is exactly what will happen if you don’t take pride in the appearance of your nails and put some effort into making them look well cared for.

In an ideal world everyone would reserve judgement when meeting new people until after they have gotten to know them. People would judge one another based upon their character traits and not how they look. But we don’t live in an ideal world. In fact it’s just the opposite, we live in a world where personal appearance is very important. Believe it or not many people make a judgement within moments of seeing someone as to what they think about that person. So it’s important that you always look your best so that when you meet new people they will be more likely to be open and friendly with you. Having well cared for nails may not seem like that big of a deal, but it can make a huge difference in how people perceive you.


Using Proper Home Care To Keep Your Nails Healthy And Strong

While we all enjoy going out and having our nails done by professionals on occasion, the fact remains that if you want healthy nails you are going to have to take care of them yourself. A professional manicure is nice, but unless you are going to go in for a manicure every day you need to accept responsibility for taking care of your own nails. The good news is that it doesn’t take a huge amount of effort on your part to keep your nails healthy. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you use a nail file, and nail clippers to trim and smooth your nails on a regular basis. If you don’t keep your nails filed the ends will end up becoming jagged, brittle, and unsightly. So make sure that you pay attention to your nails and that you file them on a regular basis to keep them smooth and clean. If you notice a crack a nail, or if you break one, then you are going to have to use a nail clipper to take care of it. You may not like having to clip off a nail, or a large portion of it, but if you don’t then it could split causing further issues. Also make sure that when you do trim your nails that you take care to cut them straight across, and then take the time to round off their edges.

One thing that many people don’t realize about nail care is that your nails can provide clues as to your overall health. If you notice anything that seems out of the ordinary you should make sure to take the time to talk to your doctor. Things that aren’t ordinary include thickening or thinning nails, nails that are discolored, nails that are curling, or any type of redness or swelling in your cuticles. By taking care of your nails on a daily basis and inspecting them frequently, you can help to keep them healthy and looking their best. Other good practices for good nail health include avoiding biting or chewing your nails, not ripping off hang nails, and also not ignoring problems and hoping they will go away. A little common sense can go a long way when it comes to nail care.

On top of taking care of your nails you should also make your cuticles a priority. Many women make the mistake of spending a lot of time keeping their nails well-groomed only to ignore their cuticles. If you want to take care of your cuticles the right way it all starts with using lotion and moisturizers to keep them healthy. Your cuticles are skin, and just like all other parts of your skin they need to stay hydrated and moist. Using lotion on a regular basis will help to keep your cuticles looking and feeling their best. In fact if you want to take things a step further you can apply a mixture of almond and avocado oils to your nails and cuticles before going to bed each night. One thing you should always avoid is using a nail clipper to cut your cuticles. There’s no benefit at all to cutting your cuticles, and doing so can be uncomfortable or even painful. Instead of cutting your cuticles you should use a nail file to smooth them out whenever you notice any kinds of issues. If you are trying to get your nails to grow out longer then you can use an orange wooden stick to gently push your cuticles back. This will encourage nail growth in a healthy way.

In addition to cutting, trimming, and filing your nails you should be caring for them on a daily basis. It won’t take too much time, but a few minutes spent taking care of your nails and keeping them clean everyday can make a big difference. Make sure that you wash your nails every day, and you should also use a nail clipper or other instrument to clean underneath of them each day. If you have nails that are brittle applying a clear nail hardener to your nails on a regular basis can help to keep them from breaking or cracking. You may also consider using the supplement biotin, testing thus far has shown that this nutritional supplement may help to keep your nails strong. Adding omega 3 fatty acids and fish oils is another thing you should consider doing if you want to have strong and healthy nails.

The last thing you should be doing at home to keep your nails healthy is making sure you are eating right and staying hydrated. Your nails are made of protein, so eating a diet that is full of lean beef, chicken breast, tuna, turkey breast, fish, nuts, and even lean pork can give your body the fuel it needs to repair and maintain your nails. Much like the rest of your body your nails won’t ever look their best until you make proper nutrition a priority. So if you notice that your nails aren’t looking their best then take a look at your diet. Chances are that cleaning up your diet and eating more protein will make a world of difference in the health and appearance of your nails.

Nail Polish And Other Decorative Approaches To Nail Care

Once you have the basics of home nail care down the next thing to remember is that there are a lot of cosmetic things you can do to make your nails look great. The simplest thing you can do to make your nails look their best is to apply nail polish to them. The simple act of using quality nail polish will only take a few minutes of your day, and it can make a world of difference in the way that your nails look. One important thing to remember about nail polish is that it has to be applied well, and removed when it starts to crack, fade, or chip. Having nails with nail polish that looks bad is far worse than having no nail polish at all. So pay attention to your nails, and if the nail polish looks like it has seen better days then remove it. A little nail polish remover and your nails will be clean and ready for a fresh coat. It’s also important that you use a clear base coat before applying color. A base coat will help to protect your nails from being stained by nail polish, and when the time comes it will also be easier to remove the nail polish. You should also finish your nail polish with a clear coat that will protect it and help it to last longer. By following these easy nail polish ideas you can get a great look without having to go to the salon.

For some women growing out beautiful nails can seem to be an impossible endeavor. Even if they eat right, practice proper nail care, and are careful with their nails, they never seem to grow out and look good. If you find yourself in this situation then you should consider using fake nails. Fake nails can easily be glued on at home, and when they are done right they can make a huge difference in how your nails look. While you should never neglect your natural nails it’s nice to know that there are options available that can give you a quick fix should the need arise. Just make sure that if you are applying your fake nails yourself that you do a good job. Much like bad nail polish, poorly applied fake nails look terrible and draw attention from others.

If traditional fake nails aren’t your thing you should consider using gel nails instead. While you can apply regular acrylic fake nails at home, gel nails should be applied by a professional due to the special equipment needed. Instead of being simply glued into place gel nails are cured through the use of an L.E.D lamp or an ultra violet light. While having to go to a professional to have gel nails put on may seem like an inconvenience, there are benefits to these types of nails. The biggest benefit is that they usually come in color, so you won’t have to worry about using nail polish when you have them. Since they come in color already they also tend to last much longer than a normal coat of nail polish would. One thing to keep in mind about gel nails is that they can weaken your nail bed if they are not removed properly. The good news is that 100% acetone, or a product designed to remove gel nails, can overcome this issue allowing you to safely remove gel nails at home. If you still aren’t comfortable doing it yourself you can always go back to the nail salon and let a professional remove them for you.

Much like other types of nail care it is possible to apply gel nails yourself at home. If you don’t want to spend the money having a professional do it, or you like the idea of being able to do the work yourself, it is possible with some time and effort to apply gel nails yourself. If you decide that you want to try putting on gel nails yourself at home your best bet is to buy a kit that comes with all of the supplies you need. A kit that has gel nails as well as a small led light should provide you with all that you need to get started. In the future you can also pick up additional types of gel nails to add to your ability to customize your look. While it may take some time for you to master the application process for gel nails, once you do you will be able to have great looking nails whenever you want to. Another benefit to gel nails is that they usually last from two to three weeks, so the work you put into them will last for quite a while.

One thing to keep in mind about any type of fake nails is that you shouldn’t use them all the time. Fake nails that are glued on, or gel nails that are cured in place, all take their toll on your nails. In fact if you use synthetic nails too frequently you can end up with discolored nails, or even worse you could damage the structure of your nails. While there’s nothing wrong with using fake nails once in a while, they should be used sparingly. Instead of relying upon fake nails a better option is to try to keep your real nails strong and healthy so that they will grow to the length that you want.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that when doing work on your nails at home you should only use well respected products. Not all nail care products are created equally, and there are quite a few cheaper products that can damage your nails. So before you make any decisions about any nail care products do your homework. Read the labels and go online and look at reviews of any product you are considering. A little time spent now can save you a lot of headaches down the road. After all if you are trying to have nails that impress the last thing you want is to end up with unsightly and unhealthy nails due to using cheap or unsafe products on them.

Using Nail Art To Express Your Personality And Stand Out From The Crowd

One trend that is growing in popularity is the use of decorative nail art. It’s amazing just how much of a different simple art and colors can make on your nails appearance. Decorative nail art can be done by a professional, or you can do many different things yourself at home. Using decorative nail art is one way that you can stand out from the crowd, and you can create custom looks that let others get an insight into your personality. The great thing about creating custom designs on your nails is that there are so many different options that you can explore. If you want to do the design work yourself at home you can do something as simple as adding glitter. You could also use a home kit that comes with variations decorations that you can glue on your nails. There are even custom patterns that you can quickly and easily glue down on your nails in order to make a big difference with very little effort. The important thing to remember when adding custom designs to your nails at home is that whatever you do should be a reflection of your personality. This means that you don’t have to go overboard, you can do just a little and get great results. This also means that you shouldn’t be afraid to be creative and let yourself have fun when designing your nails.

If you really want to take things to the next level then seeing a professional to have custom airbrush work done on your nails is a great way to do it. While having your nails professionally airbrushed won’t come cheap, it is by far the best way to have nails that are stunning and make everyone around you take notice. The skill level of artists who do airbrush work on nails is amazing, and if you find a well trained and experienced artist it can be astonishing to see what they can do. From portraits to simple mixtures of vibrant color, you can get your nails airbrushed and the world will take notice. Airbrushed nails are definitely on the high end when it comes to nail decorations, so if you have a special event coming up then you should look into having your nails airbrushed. But that doesn’t mean that you should only have your nails airbrushed for special occasions. Sometimes you just want to look your best, and there’s nothing wrong with having your nails airbrushed for no reason at all.

If you make the decision to have your nails professionally airbrushed make sure that you take the time to choose the right artist. Take some time and do a little research. The internet makes it easier than ever before to find out information about people and businesses, so chances are that any reputable nail artist will have a solid online presence. Take a look at the work that they do, and see if it suits your own personal style. Finally, at the appointment make sure that you communicate to the artist what you want, and how you want to be perceived. While having your nails professionally airbrushed isn’t as life altering as a permanent tattoo, you should still take the time to ensure that you are spending your money on something that you will truly love.

So what happens if you want to have unique and airbrushed nails but don’t want to have to spend a lot of money going to a professional to have the work done? Well in that case you can actually create some amazing customized designs at home if you have the right supplies and are willing to put in the effort of learning how to use them. While you will have to invest a decent amount of money up front to get an airbrush, paints, and stencils, in the long run you will be able to save money by avoiding paying a professional. One thing you should make sure of is that you have plenty of acetone on hand so that you will be able to clean up your nails after you are done. This will also enable you to remove any mistakes so that you don’t have to go out in public with nails that look like an amateur worked on them.

While it may seem intimidating trying to airbrush your own nails it’s actually far easier than you might think. The first thing you should do is apply a base coat of nail polish that you can paint upon. Using a base color is an important part of the process and will help you to feel less like you have a blank canvas, which can be intimidating. Once you have your base coat down you can proceed with the design and painting. The easiest way to create a great design on your own is to use a stencil. Simply put the stencil on your nails, and then airbrush on whatever colors you want. If you are feeling more confident, and have the skill to do so, you can also freehand paint your nails with an airbrush. It’s all a matter of your confidence level, putting in practice, and your skills as an artist. After you have finished your airbrush work make sure that you apply a top clear coat. This will help to protect the design on your nails so that they will last longer.

If You Decide To Go To A Professional Salon For A Manicure How Do You Pick The Right One?

While learning about how to care for and decorate your nails on your own is important, there are times when the help of a professional is needed. What many women may not realize is that any reputable salon should be licensed with the state. It’s very important that manicures are done using clean and sterile equipment, and that they are performed by a well trained professional. So when you go to a new salon make sure that you look around for a copy of their license. If you don’t see a license feel free to ask. No salon should have employees that are offended when you ask to see their credentials, and if they do act put off then you should find a different salon.

On top of checking out their professional credentials you should also get a feel for how their customers feel about them. Is the salon you are going to busy? If it’s empty that may be a red flag that tells you that this salon may not be for you. You should also ask friends and family members about their opinions and what salons they frequent. By finding out from people that you trust where they go, you can get a good starting point in your search for the right salon for you. Make sure that wherever you end up going for your manicure that you are comfortable with the salon, and even more importantly that you are comfortable with the technician that will be working on your nails.

Don’t Be Afraid To Give Your Nails A Break Once In A while

One thing that women with healthy nails have in common is that they understand that giving their nails a break once in a while is important. All of the nail polish, and fake nails, and gel nails, and airbrushing on your nails takes a toll on them. It’s important to remember that while your nails may not be living cells, your cuticles and nail bed are. When you are constantly exposing them to different chemicals and other types of abuse damage can occur. Because of this you need to take some time on a frequent basis where you don’t pain your nails, or add fake nails or gel nails. While you may not like the idea of having plain nails that aren’t decorated, your nails will thank you in the long run for their much needed break.

If you are concerned about any damage your nails receive from the different cosmetic things you do to make them look good, you should also be concerned about the wear and tear they get as you go on about your day. Excessive sun exposure, exposure to cleaning chemicals like bleach, and even being submerged in dishwater can also damage your nails. So make sure that you are smart when you are going about your day and provide protection to your nails. If you are going to be doing dishes or cleaning with bleach then wear protective gloves. If you have to do the dishes after dinner then wear rubber gloves. Remember that your nails are sensitive, and neglecting them and not protecting them from damaging outside forces can leave a lasting impact on them.

Making Your Nails A Priority

With all of the commitments and responsibilities that you have in life making your nails a priority may seem like a waste of time. But it’s precisely because of these commitments and responsibilities that you should take the time to make your nails a priority. Life is hard, and stressful, and can beat you down. So anytime that you have the opportunity to put in a little effort and see results it’s worth your time to do it. Will having great looking nails have a major impact on your life? Probably not, but what it can do is boost your self-confidence and make you stand out in a crowd. When you feel good about yourself you are more likely to have a positive mood, and be more productive. So don’t feel bad about making your nails a priority.

Whether you want to do creative and easy nail polish ideas yourself, or you want to go to a salon, taking the time to care for your nails is a must for any woman. Being a woman isn’t easy, and fair or not people often make a snap judgement about you right after meeting you for the first time. So don’t be afraid to show off your self-confidence and creative side by showcasing amazing looking nails. Your nails are a reflection of you, well cared for and beautiful nails show the world that you care about your appearance. They show the world that you are unique and confident, and that you know what you want out of life. When you stop to consider how little time and effort it actually takes to have great looking nails it should be obvious that it’s time well spent. After all just a few minutes a day, and maybe an hour every few weeks is all it takes to have the type of nails that most women only dream about. So express yourself, show the world who you are, and use imaginative and creative nail art to make sure you always look your best.