Nude Make Up: Create Your Natural Look

Nude makeup styles are timeless and beautiful. They let your best natural features shine through and give you a softer, more natural look that can carry you through the day, and even out for a night. Nude styles are great for women who want to accentuate their skin tone, prefer a lighter, more natural look, or want a beauty style that is appropriate for anytime or place. Here are some great tips to help you get a fresh and polished nude makeup look.

Do You Need It?

The first thing you need to decide when building your nude makeup look is whether or not you will be going with or without some kind of foundation coverage. A major component of this makeup style is the polished look, which requires an even skin tone. Some lucky women have the complexion to pull this off, but most of us are not so lucky. If you are confident in your ability to rock this style without foundation, skip the next few lines. For the rest of us, I have a few suggestions.

Keeping your makeup light and minimal is key. This means heavy foundations, primers and heavy concealer is out. The best way to pull off an even skin tone without overdoing it is to use a BB cream. These light creams provide sheer coverage to help balance skin tone without looking too heavy.

If you feel you need more coverage in problem areas, dab on a bit of concealer before blending BB cream onto face. Remember to always apply foundations and BB creams with a brush or cosmetic wedge. This ensures even coverage without smears or streaks from fingertips. To set the BB cream and help your coverage last, use a large kabuki brush to lightly dust on a translucent powder.

Once again, if you really feel you need more coverage, use a powder with a bit more tint.shutterstock_219771763
Now that you have your base, your ready to build your nude color pallet. Nude colors do not necessarily mean skin tone, just colors in the neutral, natural range. Choose colors that really highlight your features, not vibrant colors that can distract you from them.

Pale peaches, powder pinks, and frosty rose hues are a great place to begin for cheeks and lips. A good rule of thumb is to coordinate your lipstick color with your blush. Remember, the key is to keep things light and neutral.



Pick a lipstick shade that is very close to your natural lip color, but that has just a pinch more color. This will help you keep your look light without giving you a washed-out look. If your natural lip color has a lot or red tones, choose a lipstick that has enough brown tones in it to neutralize the red and compliment your nude look.

Lip tints, such as tinted gloss or chap-stick do a great job of keeping the look light and still bringing out your lips. A tinted lip gloss with just a hint of shimmer also produces a nice effect.

As I mentioned, blushes should be kept close to the lip shade you choose. Use a medium-sized brush to lightly apply color to tops of cheekbones only. The goal is to lightly highlight cheekbones, without adding dramatic contouring effects. A great way to make sure you highlight your cheek bones without overdoing it is to use a shimmer powder rather than a blush. By applying this lightly to the tops of your cheekbones you keep with the natural nude look, while still highlighting your features.

Eye Shadow

Your eye shadow pallet is key to achieving a stunning and fresh nude look. An effective and easy way to choose your eye shadow colors is to buy them in a nude color pallet. There are tons of these pallets on the market, giving you a wide variety of options on how to customize your nude look.

Keep in mind you don’t need to use every color in your color pallet when creating your look. Make sure you’re selecting a pallet that is in the nude rage. Browns, taupe, and champagnes all enhance your eye color without overpowering it. Picking a color pallet that has a bit of metallic shimmer can keep your nude look from feeling dull and adds dimension.

Choose a color pallet that has a nice base color that is lighter than your skin tone. You will apply this to the entire lid and brow area with a large fluff brush to help with blending and to brighten up the brow area. Choose one of the darker colors in your pallet, though not the darkest, ( your brown or taupe shade) and concentrate it on the outer portion of your lid with a lid brush. Using the same brush, apply one of the lighter colors in your pallet should be used on the center of your lid to give some pop to the look.

It’s nice if this shade has some shimmer to it. A final step for your eyes is liner. Line your eye with the deepest shade (or one of the deepest depending on how light you’ve went and how many shades you have to choose from) in your pallet using a small angle brush.

Bring the liner right along the lash line working from the outer edge to the inner corner of the eye. The idea is to frame your eye without adding dramatic color. You can change the look up a bit by adding a bit of mascara if you like. Avoid using black, stick with a brown mascara to compliment your nude pallet.

The final step in applying your shadow is blending. Any hard lines are a no-no with this look. Use a blending brush to lightly blend each color into one another. You can also add a nice finish to help ensure everything is blended nicely and to keep your eye shadow in place by using a large kabuki brush to lightly dust translucent powder over your eye from lid to brow.
This will give you a complete nude makeup look. This is a great way to softly highlight your natural features but still allow you to have a polished and shimmery look.