The Beauty Of Natural Make Up

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Makeup is always a good way to accentuate our natural beauty, but sometimes it can be hard to achieve only a minimalistic look. A look that only enhances the beauty of our facial figures, without exaggerating and without having many products used on our faces.

We may be searching for different tips and tricks to help us with techniques for a better daily beauty routine, but what we mostly find nowadays can be confusing and is mostly related to high fashion, or more glamorous looks, rather than related to more natural looking makeup. In order to have a clearer vision on what we should do for a natural beauty routine, there are some important tips you can use to achieve a beautiful any day look.

First of all, maybe the most important part of our makeup is not essentially related to makeup, it regards our daily skin care routine. We must always prepare our skin for the application of makeup products, and in order to do that we must firstly wash our faces with what cleanser suits us best, and after that we must apply some moisturizing cream. This is a crucial step for a a better skin and also for a flawless “canvas” before the actual application of beauty products.

The next step is optional, but for those who want a long-lasting result, the application of a primer on the face is also a solution. There are different primers, and they essentially keep our makeup in place for longer and can help counteract the problems we may have: redness, oily skin, deep pores etc.


After the proper preparation of our skin, we can move on to the actual makeup. We can start with the application of the foundation, which helps us achieve a flawless skin, but also keeping a natural, soft tone. But it is important to choose the best type of foundation. If we have almost nothing to conceal, the best solution is to use a bb cream or a cc cream, depending on what we want to achieve. The bb cream stands for blemish balm, and it is basically a tinted cream, ready to give us moisture and a natural looking light-coverage base. There is also the cc cream, which stands for color correcting and it has the benefits of a bb cream but with an extra feature- it counteracts the discoloration of the skin.

If these types of creams don’t suit your skin and you feel like the coverage is too light, there are the famous liquid foundations, which are the most natural looking type, compared to the stick, powder or cream formula. Also, we must be aware that there are also multiple types of liquid foundations, but for a daily natural looking finish it is highly advisable to go for a light or medium coverage- depending on how much we want to conceal. If we don’t have conditions like rosacea or acnee, we should not use a high coverage foundation that usually tends to look cakey and heavy on our faces.

Knowing these important types of foundations and creams, we must choose one that suits our skin type and that matches the color of our complexion in a natural way. The application must be in steps, adding product as we need. The best way to apply foundation and to have a natural every day finish is to use a beauty blender or a sponge, because it absorbs the excess product and it gives a skin like texture. Because we want to keep a simple and fresh look, there is no need to use powder, unless we consider that the foundation doesn’t set or that we have an oily face- in this case we also have to look for a light coverage powder.


After we are done with our base and the foundation we can move on to the eye shadow and, if we want, eyeliner. There is no need to use bright colors or dark colors for an every day look, because it can seem exaggerated and out of place,if we are at work, at school etc. The colors we want to use are earth tone colors, regardless the complexion, because they suit fair skin as well as dark skin. We are talking about tones of soft green, brown, soft purple or even other variations, but those that match your outfit and that look fairly natural. We can create a soft crease using a tone of brown, or we can put a flattering eye shadow all over the eyelid, we can also create a beautiful ombre effect using natural colors- we can basically play with colors as long as the colors are not too deep or dramatic and they only accentuate our eye color and our complexion.

In terms of eye shadow, when trying to look as fresh and soft as possible, we need to follow our natural features and only make them more beautiful. We can also use eyeliner, in addition to a beautiful eye shadow or by itself, but only as close as the lash line as possible and with a very minimalistic flick- the exaggeration of the shape can make our entire makeup look too dramatic for daytime. In terms of color, it has to be soft and not to harsh for our complexion- lighter skin-toned ladies can use brown, green, and dark skin-toned ladies can use dark brown or black, also depending on the eye color.

One of the last steps in achieving a beautiful any day look is to apply lipstick, one that matches our whole makeup. We need to know that lipsticks also come in different formulas, there are the famous stick lipsticks, the glosses and also the trendy liquid lipsticks. For a soft look we can go for the simple choice, the stick formula, but if we want a long-lasting result, without having to reapply again and again during the day, the liquid lipstick is the best one out there. Keeping in mind that we want to have a natural finish to our makeup we may consider to use nude colors, and there are a variety of tones and colors: pink nudes, brown nudes etc. Nude colors complement almost every skin color if chosen correctly according to the rest of our makeup and our outfit. They are easy to wear, they only enhance our lip color, without looking too striking.

At the end of the makeup session, if it is summer time we may want to use some bronzer to slightly contour our face, but using a suitable color, without using too much product- it may give a harsh appearance. After the whole face is complete, if we look in the mirror and we see a better version of our natural self, it means we did a good job. Remember that there is no such thing as natural makeup, because we still use products on our faces, but we can achieve effortlessly a natural looking makeup, with soft colors and tones that are only meant to reveal our features and not hide our faces behind a lot of makeup.