Proper Makeup Tutorials For Blue Eyes


Picking out the perfect eye shadow for someone with blue eyes may seem like an easy task, but you would be surprised as to how many people struggle with finding the proper color combinations that complement their eyes. Hopefully we can shed some light on the difficulties of picking out the right eye shadow colors for ladies with blue eyes in particular. As a basic rule of thumb, it’s always best to refer to a color wheel to determine what color eye shadow best complements your eyes. When you find your eye color on a color wheel, go towards the opposite end of the spectrum, and the colors that you find there will be the ones that will make your blue eyes pop with life and vibrancy. The trick is in finding wild colors like dark corral or teal and incorporating it into your eye shadow makeup in a natural manner that doesn’t take the attention away from your eyes. Here are some simple tips that any makeup enthusiast with blue eyes can take advantage of.

Eye Shadow Color Techniques For Blue Eyes

Dark Smokey Effects


If we go back to the rule of going on the opposite side of the color wheel to complement our eye colors, then the virtual opposite of bright blue colors would be shadowy navy hues. Try incorporating dark and shadowy eye shadow hues that have almost a smoke-like effect to really highlight the life and brightness of your blue eyes. The sheer contrast of the light blue and the dark shadows will make for a mesmerizing and tantalizing effect.

Dark Purple And Teal


Another great way to highlight those beautiful and vibrant blue eyes is to use a sort of gradient style of eye shadow application. Start your eye shadow application process by using purple to dominate the outskirts of your eye shadow art and then gradually transition to lighter hues of teal as you approach the eye. This eye shadow makeup scheme is bold, edgy, cool, and when done right, absolutely beautiful.

Natural Eye Makeup


As basic as this method may come across, it’s also one of the most effective means to really showcase those bright blue eyes. Just use natural skin colors that fall under the light brown or pale peach range around your eyes to go for a very basic and natural look. Just accentuate the natural colors of your skin tone and your eyes will shine through like a diamond. It’s also a very subtle and humble way to go about accentuating your looks. This mostly appeals to those who aren’t really looking for attention, but don’t want to just be blending in either.

Grunge Black


Similar to the effect brought about by the Dark Smoke and Shadow technique that was discussed earlier, this method also seeks to highlight the brightness of blue eyes by deep contrast. However, the grunge black look is an edgier and more pronounced approach to delineate the stark contrast between bright blue and grunge black. These are for those who aren’t looking for anything subtle or dainty, and who are going for looks that are more noticeable and conspicuous.



The gold eye shadow technique is ideal for blue-eyed ladies whose skin tones are more on the lighter side of the color spectrum. The gold brings about a certain elegance and calmness in the way it surrounds beautiful bright blue eyes. Exude royalty and class by sporting a gold eye shadow effect around those vivid blue eyes. There’s always something regal about the color combination of royal blue and bright gold. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to sport this regal effect on your eyes.

Dark Brown


This is also a very effective way to bring about the brightness and beauty of your blue eyes. Think of this technique as a methodical cross between the dark shadow effect and the natural skin makeup effect. Use darker shades within the realm of your natural skin tone to take away the attention from your eyelids and bring the focus directly to those incredible ocean eyes. Typically darker brown or flesh tones for eye shadow is a general universal go-to technique. People with all sorts of eye colors can go to this safe, trusted, and effective color scheme and be confident about the way that they look. This universal technique is only made better by having rare blue eyes to work with.

Eye Colors To Avoid For Blue Eyes

Baby Blue


This color of eye shadow basically violates our principle of going to the opposite side of the color wheel to accentuate the natural color of your eyes. This color fails to bring variance to the table, and it also fails to complement your eyes in a pleasing manner. In most cases, the baby blue color has a tendency to outshine the natural beauty of your blue eyes, and nobody wants that for you.

Bright Pink And Bright Purple


If baby blue color schemes drown out the life and vibrancy of your natural blue eyes, so will bright pink and purple. Going for darker shades of purple would work great for blue eyes, if only it’s pulled off in a mysterious, dark, and shadowy manner. However, just avoid any bright purple or pink colors altogether. They won’t do your blue eyes any favors at all.



As a general rule, blue and green never look good together in any scenario. There’s an old aphorism that goes “Never wear blue and green unless there’s something in between.” And that still holds true in the realms of eye shadow makeup application. While blue and green make for great standalone color schemes, they really do not mesh well together. So just avoid the hideous color combo altogether and ditch any green eye makeup that you might have on stock.


Having blue eyes is a very rare gift that you mustn’t let go to waste. With this gift, comes the responsibility of properly highlighting this rare beauty mark that has been bestowed upon you. Just follow the basic principles of eye shadow makeup application that we highlighted for you above and rock your beautiful blue eyes with elegance and confidence. When you’ve got it, don’t be afraid to flaunt it.