13 Makeup Tips And Tricks For A Beautiful Look

56There are volumes of beauty and therapy books, journals and manuals out there, which at times can be overwhelming to read. However, you don’t need to read all of them to make a fantastic look with makeup. With just a few tricks and tips, all you need is time.

It may take you a few years to learn the colors that: flatter you the most, the shape of your face, how much you need to apply and how to apply it, but the moment you master all of these you are quite sure of perfecting your morning routine. You won’t even take hours to do it, either. Once you have the expertise, you will realize how much make up can heighten your favorite features while hiding those that you loathe.

Whether you are a beginner who is struggling with core application, or a veteran who executes an awesome eye on the regular, here are a few makeup tips and tricks that are absolutely key to your look.



Apply Foundation

Popularly known as “body painting”, foundation gives a uniform color to your body complexion. It gives your skin a fresh-faced and flawless look. If you are tired of your old unnatural and cakey looking foundation, just apply some foundation. It will bring back life and realness your cheeks and skin needs.

Always Renew Your Mascara

Once a mascara tube dries up, it starts to form unattractive lumps. And once it dries up, you definitely have to forget about your lashes having that sexy and natural appearance that every lady craves. So what do you do? It’s simple. Just make sure your mascara doesn’t last for more than a month. By so doing, it will be easier to glide and will never flake.

Master A Multi-Use Product Method

In addition to making you look gorgeous, the multi-use product method saves you money and time. A color like pink for instance, works on everyone. By choosing a creamy, opaque pink, maybe with some golden appearance in it can brighten your face. All you need is to blend it with a moisturizer and apply on your cheeks to experience the magic.

Use Hydrating And Fast Absorbing Eye Creams

By using hydrating and fast-absorbing creams for your under-eye decorations, you give yourself a great break from dark circles which can be boring in most cases. Applying powder can also do.

Use A Liquid Liner

A liquid liner may be tricky to use, but once you master the procedure, you can make fabulous eye makeup. Just to be sure, you have to test it first using a taupe eyeliner pencil. You can do this by lightly tracing a line above your upper lash line. The trace line ensures your lines are accurate and evenly traced before you apply the liquid liner.

According Jake Bailey, a makeup artist and celebrity, a perfectly made eyeliner can make you score a red carpet worthy smoky eye. Just start by lining the inner rims of your lower lash lines and work the eyeliner into nice looking lashes.

To line your upper lash lines you must first close your eyes and then push the liner into the lashes to ensure there is no space in between the line and your lashes. You can then smudge it in using your finger tip then sweep the eyeshadow across your lids and finally blend them outwards and upwards towards (but not into)your temple.

Bold Your Brows

You don’t need to wear miniskirts or hot pants to grab attention from others. All you need is a bold brow. Just use a clean mascara or a specialty brush to comb your brows to naturally lay them. After you are done combing, shape them using the tip of thinner side of a soft waxy brow pencil. After that, fill the brow with short hair-like strokes using the pencil’s flatter angle. Wind up your makeup by adding brightness and a lift below the brow using a shimmery highlighter.

Make Your Teeth Look White By Applying Red Lipstick On Your Gums

By simply applying a red lip stain, not on your lips but rather your gums, you make your teeth look white as though they have undergone teeth whitening. So, you don’t necessarily need to go for teeth whitening to get that sparkling white smile, just apply a red lipstick.

Apply Highlighters

Applying highlighters underneath your skin before putting a foundation not only prevents your skin from looking matte and dull, but it also gives it the natural glowing appearance from within. Highlighter gives you a skin that is neither too dewy nor too matte.

Apply Bronzer

No matter the season, a healthy bronze will always glow in style. But if not evenly put, it may give your skin a “jersey shore” appearance. So as to give your skin an even tone, ensure everything is of the same color. Avoid putting too much bronzer. It can make you look older.

Eyelash Curlers Are Key To Making Your Eyes Pop

An eyelash curler if keenly chosen can be your best friend. Always choose one that will create a nice upward curl and that has a delicate pumping motion. Remember to curl before you apply mascara.

Coordinate The Color In Your Lips And Cheeks

By coordinating the color in your lips and cheeks, you create a uniform and natural-like appearance regardless of the type of shade you have chosen. Hanna Murray, a makeup artist suggests you use lip crayon as a blush to perfectly coordinate your features.

Confine Glitter To The Center Of The Eye

Most girls may find it tough to wear glitter as they grow older. However, makeup artist Daniel Kendal has a solution. His advice is for you to confine the glitter at the center of the eye and then apply a matte shade to the rest of the eyelid to create a boundary. By doing so, you make beautiful, sophisticated eyes.

Always Use A Concealer Brush

Use a concealer brush to apply cover-ups to any pimples on your face, by simply making short but quick motions, as if you are spackling. The brush helps to prevent tapered bristles from getting into the crevices of a blemish and thus are better than using your finger.