Basic Make Up Tips Every Woman Needs To Know


makeup tips

Today, as I walked done the three aisles of makeup at the drug store, I could not help but spend hours looking at each individual item. Comparing brands, types, colors and on and on. Really, with all the options we have, how do you choose?

From foundation choices of powder, liquid, cream and sponges, to blushes and bronzers the choices are numerous. It is difficult to choose the product, and after you do, what is the best way to get the most out of my new product? Today, I have jotted down a few pointers on how to use a few products and some tips and ideas for new colors.


Let’s start with foundation. The biggest variation in foundation would be from dry, or powder, to liquid foundation. I have found that when applying a dry foundation it is beneficial to have a freshly washed face. If your skin tends to be dry, then a dry foundation only makes the skin appear drier. A dry foundation is best to be applied to the face with a foundation brush so that you achieve even coverage over the entire area.

A powder foundation applied with a makeup sponge tends to leave an almost streaky finish to the face, which is avoided with the use of a foundation brush. When applying the foundation move the foundation brush in small circles around the face, to ensure even coverage. Definitely be sure to get the brush into any facial creases, ensuring the most even finish possible. A dry foundation definitely does have coverage, but leaves the skin looking and feeling slightly drier than normal.

On the other hand, liquid foundation has a smoother more defined finish, and even a matte finish if that is your preference. To apply a liquid foundation, start by using your fingers to dab the liquid foundation around your face. Then use a clean foundation brush to blend the foundation, and achieve even coverage.

As with powder foundation, use the brush to get into facial creases, to ensure an even finish. I have learned that using the foundation brush in strokes gives a “painted on” look, with streaks and lines Lastly, use a large powder brush to apply powder to your face, and set your foundation. A liquid foundation tends to last longer, and gives a more even coverage, without drying out the face.

Eye Shadow

Once you have chosen your foundation of choice, we can move onto eyeshadows. Eyes are the focus point of the face, and with that being said, your eyeshadow choice can definitely create a mood. It goes without saying, that a beautiful smokey eye can definitely create a, dare I say “sexy”, mood. While using light pinks and corals creates a demure mood, adding some sparkle livens up your face and adds excitement to your look. Glitter seems to be a fad that is here to stay.

Adding Glitter to your eyeshadow, adds a “WOW” factor to your makeup, and changes the entire look of your eye makeup. A shimmering translucent eye shadow adds a beautiful highlight to the upper lid and enhances the color of your makeup with a hint of shimmer. While a glitter shadow directly to the center of your lid has an extreme, beautiful popping effect. The right eyeshadow shade can open up your eyes and give the illusion of bigger, wider eyes. Even the lightest sweep of color to the eyelid adds a beautiful enhancement to your makeup.


If you are looking for that “sun-kissed” glow, a glo-palette is definitely the way to go. Glo-Palettes come in a variety of shades and definitely add a hint of spice to your makeup. Much like bronzers, these highlighters give a hint of color to the face, but blend nicely into your foundation, giving your face an overall glow. When used over blush, these highlighters add a sheer shimmer to the color, while adding a nice glow to the upper cheek bone. Highlighters enhance the facial structure, while defining the mood. A gold shimmery highlighter creates a very glamorous mood, while a light pink shimmer highlight creates a playful mood.


Beautiful blush also enhances the cheekbone, giving a sweep of color to the face. Whether you choose a cream blush or a powder blush, the finish is a nice hint of color lining the cheek bone. Blush is an easy, subtle way to give your face a fresh afternoon look, and a way to add glamour to your night out. A bolder color definitely makes the final look more dramatic, and gives a firm definition to the cheek bone. Cream blushes have a dewy finish, and give a pretty glimmer to the face with out adding any highlighter on top.

Finishing Touch

Finish your look with a beautiful lip. Bold lips can always add beautiful color to your look, while soft glossed lips give a sensual feel to your face. When it comes to lips, your choices are broad, with options in lipsticks, liners, glosses, mattes, and liquid lipsticks. A lined, matte lip is a beautiful finish to your face, and can be found in virtually any color you can imagine. Nude lipsticks are beautiful when topped with a shimmery gloss, for a touch of sparkle. Lined lips add structure to your lips, giving your lipstick a perfect shape and form.

We are definitely faced with a multitude of choices when it comes to makeup, but one piece of advice, DON’T over do it. Less is definitely more when it comes to make up. Time after time, I have seen myself want to use every new makeup item I purchase!! DO make sure that you keep your makeup brushes clean! This is for various reasons, but mainly so that your brushes do not start to irritate your skin. Do experiment with colors, even if you feel that the colors are out of your range!

You never know what might really be a great color for you until you try! And lastly, DO have fun!!! We have so many colors and shimmers to choose from, change your look often, and keep that special someone guessing!!