How To Find The Right Make Up Brushes

2Choosing makeup brushes is an essential part of any modern women’s makeup routine. Without it, many tasks can be hard to do or nearly impossible. Applying blush, eye shadow, and a plethora of other makeup might look radically different. However, these are made for such tasks. It’s essential to be able to pick the right brush for the job.

What Size Do You Need?


First, the brush size is an important element to consider. Brushes come in a variety and can range from small to large. The different sizes is has a practical element to it and can be adapted to the type of makeup that it is going to apply. It’s essential to consider what makeup is going to be applied in order to select the size. Larger brushes are ideal for covering larger portions of the face. Take foundation brushes, for example. Foundation brushes tend to be a medium to large size and can be adapted to blending based strokes. Kabuki brushes are ideal for applying bronzers as well, applying them softly to the skin.

These are just a couple examples of the importance of larger brushes. These might be more of cream based product, so they are much easier to stick to the bristles. Smaller brushes can perfect those seeking to apply concealer to certain parts of the eye. These detailed-oriented type brushes are thin and small to make small little adjustments to the makeup that might help it stand out a little bit better overall.

For example, eyeliner brushes tend to be small and can be angled, thus making it ideal for highlighting. Concealer brushes are also a little smaller than other brushes, to aid in the process of concealing those spots that are not ideal (very detail-oriented.)

Blending Brushesshutterstock_257816848

Blending brushes also fall under this particular category. Second, look at the stiffness of the brush. An example of a stiffer brush could be the eye shader brush and it can be used for packing in the color well in certain parts of the face. Using a soft brush such as a Tapered Blending Brush can be used for more ideal situations such as blending colors together. These are just a couple examples of how the stiffness can affect the job of the brush. It can be a challenge sometimes choosing the right brush for the right moment.

It is very important to note that the time of makeup will determine the stiffness of the brush. It can be essential to look more into the type of makeup that you want to apply, and then choose an appropriate one for the job. Stiffer brushes might do a better job of holding in some of the makeup, such as applying highlights to the eye area. Softer brushes might be more essential for blending purposes and can help with the application of creams.

However, there are several questions that can remain in the world of makeup brushes? Such as the variety of brushes for certain applications over others, and why there are so many subtle differences between two similar types of brushes. However, let’s focus on an example. Eyeliner brushes. So if you notice, eye shadows have a large variety of brushes. Why is that? There are several reasons that can be deduced for this.

One of these reasons is that different brush sizes can help with various tasks such as blending cream based products. For example, blending parts of the eye shadow with the rest of the makeup. Other reasons might include having brushes that can help with applying color in some of those creases on the face. The list can range on from there as each one can help with a few different looks that might arise.
Additionally, look at cleaning your brushes as periodically as possible. This cleaning routine can ensure a few major benefits that can be felt long into the future. Let’s outline them:

• Clean makeup brushes can ensure longevity. It shows that you can about the brushes and can lengthen their lifespans significantly. That can reduce the amount that you spend on purchasing new brushes and keep some of that money in your pocket for that girl’s night out. Taking time to clean the brushes will help with ensuring that the brushes stay in pristine condition. They keep the bristles the way that they are supposed to be and help with ensuring that the brushes don’t get too stiff.

• Keeping them clean can ensure that they are hygienic to use again. It can help remove the grease and oil, as well as other things that might trap bacteria. Cleaning them periodically will make it much easier to keep yourself from getting as sick as often. It might even help to keep out mites and other things as well. These can find a home in just about anything.

• Regular cleaning can ensure that colors don’t blend on the brush when you don’t want them to blend. It gets out the colors that were on the brush and can ensure that only the colors that you want get on the brush for the next use. That is something that makes it much easier on the front end.

• Dirty brushes can unevenly distribute the makeup across the face, making it less than ideal. No woman wants to have their makeup messed up due to things not being distributed and blended appropriately. That will make it easier to get the look that you are wanting with a clean brush.
It’s great to have reasons to clean the brushes but what about cleaning tips? Are there any tips for cleaning, drying, or even how much? There are a few good ideas and things to consider when it comes to cleaning them:

• Clean them roughly 1 to 2 times a week. This can seem like it’s a problem, but it can be a great way to reap the benefits above. In addition, it can be a soothing routine for you before going to bed as well. That can help you be ready to fall asleep as soon as you get into bed.

• Make sure to clean them at night to give them time to air dry accordingly. They’ll be ready to go in the morning, as you are preparing to get ready for the day. This can also help with restoring the shape of the brushes over time. If you don’t have time to dry them over night, then a hair dryer or a radiator can help though these might not be ideal.

• Some makeup artists try to use synthetic brushes and use things like dish soap to help remove some of those tougher stains.