How To Achieve The The Best Dramatic Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can be challenging. With countless videos on YouTube on how to create dramatic eyes and seemingly millions of products needed for just one “simple” look, its very easy to get overwhelmed. As a beginner in makeup myself, I’ve watched probably hundreds of tutorials and still could never achieve the looks. A common misconception about dramatic eye makeup, is that you need to buy the expensive products that celebrities, beauty vloggers and Instagram models use. You can achieve simple and dramatic eye makeup using light or dark colors without breaking the bank or sacrificing the overall look. You never want to make your eye routine so complicated and/or expensive that you don’t want to do it. The point of makeup is to have fun with your look.

Whether you want to learn how to do simple and bold eye looks or seeking to add another look to your repertoire, this article is filled with easy and helpful steps that can elevate your makeup skills. Before beginning, one of the most important points is realizing that not every eye shadow look or color looks good on everyone. We are all different skin tones, textures, shade and ethnicities. Therefore it is important to know that its okay if bright blue eye shadow doesn’t look good on you or a dark, smudged smoky eye doesn’t suit you. Makeup is meant to be tailored to your needs, so you don’t have to like whats in or popular. Especially for everyday wear, its unrealistic to expect you to be able to pull off a look on the first try. So practice is key.

Before beginning makeup application, make sure to prepare your face. Before applying eye makeup you should wash, moisturize and prim the eyes. The gives us a nice, clean surface to work with. To prim eyes, you can use a primer. What I like to do is put some concealer on eyelids to cancel out any pinkness so it doesn’t interfere with the color of the shadow. Also this is great for people who’s eyelids are darker and want to use a lighter color of eye shadow. Also, its best to do eyes before the rest of your makeup, especially if they are the focus of the look. Also, if you mess up you don’t have to worry about getting any on your foundation or ruining your whole face. You can just wipe it off with a wet towel or makeup wipe and try again.

Classic Smokey Eye


This look can work on anyone and you can go as dark or light as you want. Popular colors to use as smoky eyes is black,charcoal, dark silver, goal and brown. You can also use glitter, shimmer or metallic eye shadows to give it some pop. The first step after priming eyelids is to get a dark shade shadow and put on lids. Put on little by little, blending the shadow with fingers or a brush for a more precise look. You should blend upward, but not all the way to eye brows. This creates a gradient effect. Blending is key. You can also use brown in the crease of your eyes to soften the look. And, if you like you can add some sliver or navy blue shadow on the lids to add some color. After blending, lightly line bottom lash line with eyeliner and smudge it out and add a coat of mascara to add some glamour. This look is great for nighttime and looks best with class red, nude or soft pink lips. To make your eyes stand out make the rest of your makeup simple.

Brown Smokey Eye


This look is more understated and more wearable. Its great if you want to define your eyes, but do not want the dramatic flair. Apply a taupe, light brown or dark brown shadow in outer 2/3 of lid and in crease. Blend well. Also, you can add just a tiny bit of black or charcoal eye shadow on the outer lid to create some dimension. After blending apply a lighter gold or peach shadow in the inner corner to add some light to eyes. Also, apply the same brown color you used on your lower lash line. After that create a simple cat eye or winged liner. You can go as thin or bold as you like. False lashes and mascara can also be added if you really want to be dramatic. This look pairs well with any lip color, especially berry tones and dark reds for fall. It is also work appropriate.

Soft Eye


This look is more understated and uses light colors to achieve it. Depending on your skin tone you can use peach, rose gold, pale pink, mauve or pale yellow eye shadow. To create this look simply apply the shadow all over your lid, blending all the way to your crease. Then add a matte light brown to your crease, just enough to give eyes some dimension. Then add a little bit or kohl or gel liner to eye lids and smudge it out using brush or fingers. You can also add one coat of mascara to add some fullness. The eye look is great if you want a “no-makeup” makeup look or are looking for a soft, fresh springtime look.

Vibrant Eye


The last look uses bright eye shadow or eyeliner. The first option is to use a colored eyeliner. After applying a neutral, skin toned eye shadow on lids. You take a colored liquid eyeliner(teal, bright purple, bright pink or magneta) and do a bold cat eye. For lower lash line apply a bit of smudged black liner and two coats of mascara. The second option is to apply any bright shade on eye lids and blend it up to crease, then put a neutral shade in crease to blend the color out. Remember, blend, blend and blend.


All of these look are simple and can be achieved using drug store makeup products. Colourpop and bh cosmestics have some great eye shadows that come in mattes, shimmers and metallic. Revlon, cover girl and Maybelline also have some wonderful liquid liners.