Bridal Makeup Looks For The Ages

5Choosing bridal makeup is an important factor due to its everlasting effect. The everlasting comes from the fact that you will want to look back at your wedding photos and still be pleased with your decisions. There are several makeup options that brides can choose. For starters, you need to identify your wedding theme such as bohemian, traditional, or modern eclectic before choosing your makeup.

Next, you pick a makeup theme in accordance with your personality and preferences. At this point, you should not be forced or deterred from fulfilling your wishes as a bride by anyone. Your personality will help you match your preferences to the available options. This way, you will still look like yourself on your big day, only with the boost of makeup to make you stand out from the party. The various bridal makeup looks range from the traditional bride with a conservative personality to the modern bride who is willing to try anything.

Vintage Bridal Makeup


The traditional bride has a few classy tricks up her sleeve. Vintage bridal makeup had one classic aspect that was evident on the bold colored lip. The most prominent feature of the bride was her lips. Most vintage brides opted for the classic red lip that took center stage in their makeup. The bold red lip is as bold as it sounds. Notably, there are several shades of red that are designed to fit every woman’s taste and skin tone.

Natural Makeup Look


The natural makeup look has become a favorite for many brides in the world. This is because natural makeup aims to maintain the natural look of the bride in terms of skin tone while accentuating her best features without exaggeration. Natural makeup is available for all skin types and skin tones. The main trick is to pick makeup kits that match your skin color. You may benefit from the help of a professional makeup artist who will be keen on keeping your skin tone natural.

Pick eyeshadow, foundation, and lipstick that rhymes with your color. Some people have a misconception about natural or nude makeup as it is commonly known. Nude makeup is not beige in color. Nude makeup is the customized to fit your skin color. The natural bridal makeup favors hues of beige and brown for foundations, concealers, and eyeshadows since most people fall on this spectrum.

For the eyes, fill in your eyebrows with black or brown eye pencil depending on the color of your eyebrows. It is important to pick an eyebrow arc that fits your face and accentuates the natural aspect. The use of eyeliner should be as minimal as possible and it should be confined to the lower eyelid only. Avoid cat eyes and Smokey eyes when doing natural makeup. In the event that you wish to highlight your beautiful cheekbones, use a nude bronzer without glitter. Lipstick colors should tow the nude line.

Modern Bride


Modern makeup has evolved from the traditional subtlety that was once employed by brides. The modern bride wants to have a flawless look on her wedding day. Some of the most dramatic aspects of modern bridal makeup include dramatic eye makeup and colored lipsticks. For the eyes, cat eyes and Smokey eyes are the top favorite options. The two looks attract attention to the eyes by extending the eyeliner past the usual point on the eyelids. These looks are combined with double eyeliner use of the upper and lower eyelids.

The eyes seem to take the spotlight in the modern bridal makeup. Another splendid option for eyeshadow would be silver or golden eyeshadow. Gold eyeshadow is often called champagne eyeshadow due to its sparkly champagne color. Silver makeup is perfect for the modern makeup look coupled with light shimmer on the cheek bones. Modern lipstick trends have moved away from the traditional red, pink, and nude colors.

Nowadays, brides are going for colored lipsticks such as blue, purple, and the all-time dramatic black lipstick. Caution should be applied when choosing colored lipstick. Ensure that it matches the theme of your dress, hair, and your wedding in general.

The eyes are the windows to the soul and what better way to highlight these beauties than using eyeshadow. There are varieties of eyeshadow palettes from different brands in the makeup industry but a few kits definitely stand out. Bobbi Brown and Bareminerals have the best nude eyeshadows in the market. These palettes have a couple of shades that work well for most brides. Additionally, you have the option of combining two colors to bring out the perfect shade for your bridal makeup.

Chanel seems to take the crown in the modern eyeshadow department with its various metallic palettes. The Chanel Chain Reaction stays true to its metallic title with five beautiful shades that range from gold and blue to purple and silver. The Chanel Les 4 Ombre has four shades of metallic eyeshadows for the modern bridal makeup look.

Fantasyland, at the name reveals, offers a vibrant eyeshadow palette with several colors for the fun bride to choose. The kit has bright shades of blue, purple, and pink. In the event that you are not sure about a particular brand of eyeshadow, it is advisable to stick to the big brands that rarely disappoint such as Mac, Mary Kay, and Maybelline.

Basic Bridal Makeup Rules

Weddings are days for the bride to take the spotlight and shine. As such, you do not want to make any mistakes with your makeup that may end up affecting your entire look. It is important to choose makeup that rhymes with your hair, dress, and wedding theme. Stick to your usual makeup looks in order to look like yourself on the big day. This means that if you are a nude makeup kind of girl, choose nude makeup on your wedding day as well.

Ensure that you combine bridal makeup looks that are in sync. For example, combining the Smokey eye with a dramatic red lip is a tricky affair that should be left for red carpet Hollywood looks. Smokey eyes are perfect with light lipsticks while light eye makeup is ideal for red lipsticks. Choose makeup kits that assure you of durability throughout the day. The best way of confirming this is by having a bridal makeup trial day where you get to take your preferred bridal makeup for a test drive. This way, you will not get unwarranted surprises on the big day.

As a bride, choose bridal makeup that you will be proud to look back on years after the marraige.