Bridal Guide To The Perfect Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Your wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. This means that you should aim to look and feel your best as you walk down the aisle to meet the person that you intend to keep by your side of the rest of your life. And what better way to make sure that you look great and wedding – ready than with a super stylish hairstyle that will be in the photo memories of the most important day of your life? Many people seem to think that long hairstyles are the only way to go for weddings but this is simply not true. If your hair is short, there are many chic options that you can try to make sure that you look your very best when you walk down that aisle.

1. Messy braided updo:

Simple Bridal Updo For Thin Hair

This kind of updo is appropriate for weddings in a very romantic or idyllic setting like at the beach. It is fun, flirty and young and will look great in photos with a beautiful flowy dress and a gorgeous smile to match. This is a very easy hairstyle to achieve. First, an attempt must be made to create a halo braid on either side of the head. Then the two braids should be secured in the back with either bobby pins or an elastic band and the sides of the braids that frame the face should be slightly tugged out to achieve the messy look. Great additions to this hairstyle include the insertion of flowers or colorful ribbons in the braid to create a very pretty look for your wedding.

2. Loose curls:

short bridal hairstyle

A curling wand with a large barrel can be used to create loose curls in short hair that tumble down on the face and create a stunning look for girls with short hair. Loose curls are easy to attain, they look nice and natural and they ae flattering on every face shape. Try this romantic look for your wedding and you are guaranteed to love the outcome.

3. Beach waves:

If you are not a fan of curls, waves might be a better option for you. These can be created with a curling wand with an even larger barrel than the one used to create loose curls. The curls must be separated and fluffed to create stunning beach waves that will look great on every bride.

4. Mid-bun:

Updo With Bangs And Bouffant For Short Hair

Usually, short hair cannot achieve the messy bun that most brides like to wear on their wedding day. Don’t let this stop you from pulling your hair up if you do not want it to frame your face. With a mid-bun, the hair is pulled to the back of the head and clipped with a stylish hair clip to create a classy bridal look. This style looks even better with a fringe.

5. Bouffant updo:

If a mid- bun is not your cup of tea, you can try a bouffant updo to make your hair look voluminous and beautiful on your big day. Secure the front of your hair with a thin hairband and pin up the rest of it in the back with multiple Bobbi pins. This will create a romantic updo for brides that want to show off their necks at their weddings.

6. Half up, Half Down with Bridal Band:

Simple Bridal Half Updo For Bob

This simple look is one of the most elegant and timeless of the bridal looks for women with short hair. Simply straighten or curl your hair to the desired look, and pin or braid your hair back with a beautiful headband for the finishing look.

7. Flower crowns:

Flower power has always been a popular option for brides since weddings were invented. You can either opt for a store-bought one or you can get creative and make one for yourself easily out of flowers that make your happy. This look is flirty and romantic and looks great in photos.

8. Stylish veil:

short wedding hairstyle with birdcage veil

If you do not feel like manipulating your hair too much on your big day, you can always go for a statement veil that will look gorgeous in photos. Draped around your head and tumbling down your shoulders and back, this is a great look for girls with short hair because it is beautiful and classic all in one.

9. Multiple messy buns:

Multi Knots Updo For Shorter Hair

Your hair might not be long enough to create just one big bun on the top of your head but you can get creative to recreate this hairstyle. Look modern and chic with multiple buns at the back of your head to create an illusion of one big bun but with a much edgier style.

10. Braided bob:

Short Bridal Bob Hairstyle With Braids

If you have your hair cut in a bob, this might be a great option for you. Look fun and trendy with four mini cornrows at one side of your head that stop in the middle. Secure these tiny braids with some Bobbi pins and you are assured to look nice and stylish on your wedding day.

11. Pinup curls:

Vintage Wedding Hairstyle For Short Hair

Go vintage glam with a full head of pinup curls that will look amazing on your big day. Another option is to create one big curl at the front of your head and to pin up the rest at the back to add a modern twist to this timeless hairstyle.

12. Lifted Curls:

Voluminous Formal Updo For Short Hair

This style is great even for women with short hair. A professional stylist will be able to lift the curls at the root making them stand and look beautiful and voluminous for your big day. The curls can also be made to stay in place with a bit of hairspray or styling lotion.

13. Veil headband:

If you are not interested in a long veil, a veil headband may be a good choice to consider if you still want to achieve the classic bridal look on your big day. These are made with a bit of white veil stylishly molded and stuck to a thin hairband that you can easily insert in your hair to create a modern twist on the classic bridal style.

14. Ombre updo:

Voluminous Updo For Shorter Hair

If you already have an ombre or you are comfortable with the idea of dying the ends of your hair, this hairstyle will be a perfect one for you to attain a beautiful look on your big day. Pulled up, the ombre will be shown in its full glory and will direct eyes at you on the day you need to be seen the most.

15. Side twists:

These are a great option for brides that cannot decide between an updo and wearing their hair down. The hair is twisted up and pinned on both sides of the head creating a stunning half- up – half- down look that is gorgeous on brides with every face shape.

Short hair does not have to be the source of your woes on your happy day. It can look stunning on any bride when it is done right and this will give you a modern, edgy look on the day that you want to look and feel your best, surrounded by all the people you love most in the universe.