Wedding Hair Updos And Styling Tips


With your wedding day right around the corner, it has become extremely significant to choose your look. Putting together a picture-perfect bridal look may require a lot of do’s and don’ts. An outstanding hair updo, beautiful wedding dress and flawless makeup are certainly on the mind of every bride-to-be. So, have you decided on your wedding hairstyle and dress? But what if the things that you chose individually do not look nice when you put them all together?

This is the most crucial time when you have to be certain that your hairstyle seamlessly matches your dress. Even when the hairstyle you chose was great, it may not gel well with your dress. Thus, it is always intelligent to pick a hairdo according to your dress. Your wedding hair updo can either make or break your dream to an astounding bridal look.

Importance of Choosing the Right Hairstyle to Match the Dress:

Your wedding hairstyle is undoubtedly an integral part of your bridal look that will make everything fall into place. Teaming up your classic dress with a classic hairstyle and soft dresses with nothing over-the-top are some of the general rules to follow while picking your hairstyle. The idea behind matching your hairdos with the bridal outfits is to ensure the perfect outward impression.

Before even choosing your favorite updo, it is important to consider your neckline. The hairstyle should be elegant but it should not steal the spotlight from your gorgeous wedding dress. The hairstyle should not only complement your dress but it should also balance the overall aesthetics. So, whether you are donning a classic strapless or rocking in a fashionable one-shoulder, there are certain things you have to take care of while choosing a wedding hair updos. When the hairstyle you are carrying complements your dress, it does not interfere with the elaborate details and other lines of your gown.

Best Wedding Hair Updos According to Dress’s Neckline:

Bateau Neckline Wedding Dress:

This is one of the most classy and feminine necklines. When considering a wedding hairstyle for this kind of wedding dress, make sure it does not overshadow the timeless silhouette of this bateau neckline. Therefore, go for a simple low bun because it will effectively eliminate the possibility of feeling stuffy. However, for a more modern touch to this classic neckline, pick a high ponytail with enough volume to not look over elaborate.

High Collar Wedding Dress:

Image result for high collar wedding dress
A topknot is the most elegant way to enhance the ultra-formal feel of a high collar wedding dress. It gives you a regal look and also elongates your neck. It instantly makes it effortless to pull off dramatic detailed collars and doesn’t hide the nicely crafted collar with your hair. Adding small braids to the topknot or tying a ballerina bun is also great for high collars.

One-Shoulder Wedding Dress:

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With a one-shoulder wedding dress, shoulders become the most prominent area that draws maximum attention. Choosing a flowing hairdo will enhance the feminine silhouette. So, go for a side-swept updo to immaculately balance this asymmetrical neckline. A side-swept fishtail braid is another nice option for you.

V-Neck Wedding Dress:

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This kind of a neckline draws the eye vertically. It is also good for giving an elongated look to your body. Thus, wear your hair down like in loose curls to complement the long and lean lines of your dress. Beach waves also complement this neckline flawlessly.

Strapless Wedding Dress:

Strapless necklines are one of the amazing designs where you can experiment with numerous hairstyles. Windswept chignons are the most favorite choice among the brides this season. It effortlessly adds sophistication to your entire profile. Most importantly, it can work for both with or without a veil look.

Top 10 Wedding Hair Updos:

The Twisted Bun:

Whether it is a beach wedding or more of a casual affair, the twisted bun seems perfect for your big day. It is a ten minutes work and will rock your wedding dress too. To begin with, texture your hair with a high-quality product, divide them into two halves and tie a knot using these two sections of your hair. Accentuate your look by taking out a few strings of hair.

Sleek Rolled Tuck:

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To bring elegance and simplicity to your look, make a sleek low ponytail and pull the hair just above the band to make a loop. Put your ponytail through this space and pin it. Continue doing it clockwise and pin it all down using bobby pins.

Simple Side Bun:

Image result for simple side bun wedding hair
This is a classic style and will look beautiful on anyone. You can apply a smoothing cream and dampen your hair. Wrap the hair in a pony and transform it into a bun. Adding flowers or other adornments will give you a gorgeous look.

Classic Curls:

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Soft curls never go out of fashion. So, get soft curls and pull back your hair delicately with a feminine fringe swinging to the side. This is truly one of the classic wedding hair updos.

The Braid-Wrapped Bun:

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Collect all your hair and secure them on top of your hair tightly. Leave a small section of your hair and tie all the hair in a ballerina bun. Braid the remaining section and secure it around the bun.

1960s Ponytail:

Image result for 1960's ponytail wedding hairstyle
This is the best option when you want to don a retro look. Create a lot of volume at the base and make a ponytail loosely. Pull the hair from crown area and comb them smoothly.


Image result for curled up wedding hairstyle
This is an easy to make and fabulous all up curls hairstyle. Section your curled hair into two and put each section into a ponytail. Now start placing curls sequentially and pin them all while only leaving a few flocks loose.

Bohemian Twist:

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This is another attention-grabbing wedding hair updo that is the most favorite among brides. Twirl the sections of your hair to achieve a boho effect from top to bottom.

Messy French Twist:

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Dry-shampoo your hair and back comb them all. Use some texturizing product and roll the hair to form curls and secure them all together to form a messy bun.

Curls Cascade:

Image result for cascading curls wedding hairstyle
Soft and delicate curls are used to make this simple hairstyle. Divide the curled hair into three sections: top, middle and at the nape of the neck. Put the middle section into a ponytail and arrange the curls nicely.

These are the best wedding hair updos to look elegant and gorgeous on your big day.