The Ultimate Guide To Straight Hair Styles

If you have naturally straight hair, you probably have had the thought “I wish I had curly hair.” Well, just like you are jealous of what you don’t have, there are millions of people who are in turn jealous of you. Women with wavy and curly hair will spend hundreds of dollars on product, and hours of their time just to achieve that pin straight look that you just wake up with. So even if you’re sitting there wondering what on earth you can do to make your hair style more fun or dramatic, just keep in mind that you’re the envy of a large part of the population; so don’t feel too sorry for yourself!

That being said, it can often be difficult to find hairstyles that are fun, flattering, and actually doable all at the same time. Some popular ways to spruce up your hair can include teasing, crimping, and tying or pinning it up. Half up, half down dos are always a good default style. It can be easily dressed up with a fancy dress and some jewelry, or dressed down a little with a nice pair of jeans and a blouse. Here we have 13 fun styles for you to try on your lovely, naturally straight hair.

Face Framing

face framing

This is a relatively simple style for those of you who don’t have a lot of time in the morning. This style works even better if you have some layers in your hair, even longer, subtle ones. To achieve this look, take your flat iron and when you’re straightening the pieces around your face, simply tilt the flat iron towards your chin, so that instead of being flat, the ends of your hair will turn in and create a frame around your face. This is a very easy way to create a bit of drama and mystery to your look. This style requires no maintenance throughout the day, however adding some product to your hair may help it last longer.

The Fringe


The fringe bang look is a popular one, but for good reason. It looks great on a wide variety of people. It can be very sweet and pretty, or very dramatic, depending on the general look you’re going for. The downside to this style for many, is the fact that it requires daily work. For your naturally straight hair however, these bangs will be a breeze! It will require almost no maintenance on your part, as you will essentially wake up with your hair already done!



This one is super modern, and very dramatic. It involves cutting your hair so that one side is longer than the other. It is generally done as a shorter cut, going as far as just below the chin to just above the shoulders. It is a very easy cut to take care of, and everyday styling will only involve a basic blow dry and maybe a touch up with your flat iron.

Messy Half Bun

Easy Half Up Bob Hairstyle

Messy buns are all the rage right now, but they are just a little too, well, messy sometimes. If you’re running a little bit late in the morning, or just enjoying a quiet weekend with some friends, try a messy half bun for a cute, easy, but still polished look.

It is a very easy style to do, and if secured properly, will hold for as long as you wish. Simply take about half of your hair, pull it up into a messy bun, and secure it with a pin or two.

Short, Cropped Pixie

pixie cut

A cute pixie cut is always a great way to stand out with your straight hair. Add a few short layers in there, and you’re good to go! All this will require is some tousling and perhaps a touch of product, and you’ll be chic and adorable all day long.

High Ponytail Crown

formal pony hairstyle for long straight hair

High ponytails are a signature look for those with long, straight hair. It’s a sleek, elegant look that works for almost any occasion. Try sprucing up your high ponytail by twisting some hair into a crown around the base of the ponytail. It’s sure to add some flair and drama to your look.

French Braid Crown

half up braided crown for long straight hair

For those of you with longer hair as well as some time and skill on your hands, this is a super fun way to add some beautiful elegance to your look. If you’re good at a French braid, try creating one around your head as a crown, and allowing the rest of your hair to fall back underneath it. The best part is that it doesn’t even have to be perfect. It’ll still look cool if it’s a little messy. Maybe even cooler!

The Choppy Look

layered tousled blonde hairstyle for straight hair

By adding a mixture of short and long layers to your straight hair, it will give it lots of body and volume without a lot of effort! It will make your hair appear choppy and thick, which is great for fun, casual outings, but can also be smoothed out to accompany fancier attire.

Center Part

center part

If you lack any advanced hair styling skills, like to keep it simple, and don’t ever have a lot of time in the morning, try going with a center part. It’s easy, low maintenance, but is fairly uncommon, so it is sure to turn some heads!

Flipped Out Hair

shoulder length flipped back straight hairstyle

This isn’t a good style to choose if you’ve only got five minutes, but if you’ve got the time, it’s a very fun one! Apply some root lifting spray to your ends while your hair is still wet, and blow-dry outwards. It’s fun, sassy, and has lots of body!

Shoulder Length for Thin Hair

shoulder length

Some people suffer with very thin hair, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring and flat! Keep your hair shoulder length, and have your stylist razor the ends instead of simply cutting them. This will add body and texture without sacrificing too much weight or length.

Bob with an Under layer

dark brown angled bob

If you have black or very dark brown hair, adding a splash of color is a great way to add some style and flair to your look. Add some chunky blonde highlights to the under layer of the bottom half of your bob. It looks great and is very low maintenance!

Retro Bob


If you want something extremely simple and very easy, consider bringing back something a little more retro. A blunt, mid-length bob is very vintage, very classy, and so easy to take care of!