Simple Hairstyles For Long Hair

1It’s no secret that long hair has been fashionable and stylish for a long, long time. Everyone appreciates long hair, especially when it’s attractively styled. No matter who you are, well cared for hair can enhance your attractiveness a great deal. To this end, we are going to look at a number of popular and simple hairstyles for long hair. But as long as it’s been around, people still have some trouble when it comes to caring for long hair. The only downside is the level of maintenance long hair entails. So, first, let’s talk about how to properly care for your lovely long hair.


It’s important to keep up with good grooming for your long hair. It’s important to brush it out frequently to keep out tangles and minimize split ends. Speaking of split ends, you should try to make sure to trim your split ends to enhance the appearance of your hair. Too many split ends become highly noticeable and can detract from the overall appearance of your hair.

Washing your hair is a requirement, of course, and who can forget the ancient, sage wisdom of “lather, rinse, repeat”? But it is best practice to use less shampoo. Using less shampoo and using it mostly on the ends of the hair (where it is most likely to be dirty) can help prevent dandruff and flakes, as well contributing to the overall health of your hair.

Conditioning your hair is also important. Conditioning can add volume and shine to your hair, making it even more glorious and attractive than it already is. Make sure you take the time to condition your hair a few times a week for best effect.main-image

There are also a number of additional products that you can use to help with the maintenance of your hair. Volumizers, detanglers, moisturizers, mousses, gels, sprays, straighteners, curlers, and many, many more other items can be used to great effect. The list is very nearly endless. But it’s important to make sure you wash out sprays, gels, and mousses, and be careful with dryers, curlers, and straighteners to avoid damaging your hair. Hair is pretty fragile, after all.


Of course, if you’re going to wear your hair long, you probably have a large variety of accessories and tools at your disposal. Combs and brushes are nearly a given, and are required for very nearly any style you can imagine. Ponytail holders and scrunchies are also useful and common. Hairbands can also be very useful for keeping the hair out of your face. Bobby pins and the like can also be very important to some styles. Ribbons and beads can add a little color and flair to most styles as well. Mostly, though, you are going to need something to hold your hair in place.



A classic and simple style is the ponytail. Achieved by gathering your hair behind your head and tying it, it is a highly versatile style. You can place it high or low on your head and tie it loosely or tight to achieve a different look. You can even put it on one side or the other, or even both if you so choose. You can twist some hair around the base of the ponytail to give it some extra flair, knot it around the base for a more natural look, or try doing something even more creative to achieve a unique look. With a ponytail, the possibilities are enormous.



Another classic style, the bun is a quick and easy style. Just gather your hair like a ponytail, but wrap it around and pin it in place. It’s definitely got the advantage of showing off your long hair while keeping it out of the way. It can also be used to hold interesting and aesthetically pleasing accessories like flowers, combs, or sticks.



Braids never go out of style. A simple style that only requires braiding together a few strands of gathered hair and tying it off when finished, it can be just as versatile as a ponytail. In fact, because of the many different ways you can style and decorate your braids, it’s possible that it’s the most versatile style. You can put in a single large braid, an embellished braid (such as a French braid), two smaller braids like pigtails, or numerous braids all over your head. You can braid it all the way down, or only part of the way to achieve a half or quarter braid if you wish. You can decorate your braids with beads, ribbons, bows, clips, or any number of other things to make them stand out more.



Another classic style is the knot. Simply twisting your hair around itself to tie it into a secure knot can make for a versatile and interesting hair style. It can be placed nearly anywhere on your head, from the very top to the nape of the neck. It is another useful style for keeping your hair out of the way.



Another easy styling technique is the twist. Somewhat similar to a braid, it involves twisting the hair around itself at the side of your head and then tying it off at the back, like a ponytail. It can be one or both sides leading up to the tail, and can be at various places to provide a variety of styles.


Another thing to think about is that sometimes the best hairstyles simply involve brushing and combing your hair to lay a certain way. This is always a fine option, and the simplest style of all. It never goes out of style, and it makes for a dashing, gorgeous photograph every time.

Keeping all of these tips in mind is a great way to begin your enjoyment of your long hair. If you make a lifelong commitment to get the very best out of your hair, you can’t go wrong with these ideas. So, go forth and enjoy your lovely hair.