Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Often times you’ll look at short hair styles and perhaps lament over your thicker fuller hair. It seems the pixie cuts and bobs on TV are meant only for women with thinner, more manageable hair. But that’s not quite true. Cute, short hair styles can be for anyone, and work for anyone and virtually any type of hair. In fact, some short hair cuts could even work better on thicker, fuller hair. Don’t believe us? Check out the list below to find your ultimate short hair style for hair that’s all your own.

Layered Bob

Short Layered Hairstyle
A layered bob is a time honored way to deal with thicker, fuller hair in a short haircut style. The layered bob is also one of those styles that’s going to work better with thicker hair. Like a traditional bob it stops just short of the shoulders but with crafted layers for a very textured look. The bounce factor on this hair style will also be great, considering the full body. She shape is also going to create a wonderful silhouette, perfect for showing off that thick hair.

Traditional Bob Cut


This one may seem boring, but with thicker hair, it actually will create a great effect. Bob’s thrive on shape, and fuller hair that adds just a little more oomph to the look will do wonders for this sometimes-boring hair look. Plus, you’ll balance out a mature look with the option to make cute as well. It’s also an easy, quick, hassle-free style to go with from day-to-day. If you don’t want to get too adventurous or are afraid to commit to layers, this is a perfect place to start.

Color Bobs

Short Layered Violet Bob
This one is going to be a play and added bonus on a layered bob. Colored bobs are very in right now, particular multi-tone and non-monochromatic dye jobs. And a layered bob offers the perfect canvas for this. The texturing is already there to make separate and flow of color tones easy across the hair and the thicker hair is going to really make the colors pop and come to life. Not to mention thicker, richer hair is going to tolerate a dye process a lot better than thinner hair.

Extra Short Bob

Short Inverted Bob Haircut For Thick Hair
This is the kind of cut that’s going to remind you of the musical Chicago or any sort of 1920s speak easy or Gatsby party. It’s a short cut in the back with longer layers in the front to frame the face and, like the layered bob, seems to be a tailor fit for women with thicker, fuller hair, thanks to the character the shape creates.

Short Crop

Short Tousled Hairstyle For Thick Hair
This hairstyle is the middle ground between a bob and a full pixie cut. It’s short, but designed for layering and the ability to texture and style. Which, of course, makes it a go to for those with a fuller head of hair. The shorter your hair gets, the more you’ll want to rely on those thick curls for a filling and textured affect in your hair styling.

The Pixie

Long Blonde Balayage Pixie
There are some very fun ways to make a pixie cut work for your thick hair. Like the color bob, a thick haired pixie cut would be perfect for a coloring effect. While a full on, multi-color dye job probably wouldn’t work with this short cut where layers are less accessible, a frosted look is very much in right now across genders and styles for short hair. Making the top layer lighter or even brighter is a sleek and smart look to go with for a full-bodied pixie. This especially works if the under layer of darker hair is visible at the nape of the neck and around the edges.

Messy Pixie

red messy pixie hairstyle
This one is a play on the pixie that can only truly be pulled off by those with thick, full hair. The messy pixie relies on you having thick, malleable hair while still cut super short. So this one means focusing on how you style it and less on the cut. You’ll get a wonderfully textured pixie cut and even have the option to work in some coloring that will make the texture pop even more.

Pixie with Bangs

pixie with long bangs for thick hair
This cut is another one designed for those with thick hair to keep it up. This pixie is short like the others but leaves longer hair on the top of the head, meant to be styled in a swoop across the forehead, to either side. It’s another great style options for texture and allows for some fun in designs, like the messy pixie. It has less of an ability to be colored but if you get creative and brave enough with it, you can accomplish anything.

Boy cut

short haircut for blonde hair
This one probably seems a little counter intuitive because of how short it is, but hear us out. Boy cuts can go well, or they can go not so well. And a lot of that depends on what you do with it and how you choose to style it. With thick hair, you’ve got a lot more options to work with. A boy cut with some thickness will allow for amazing options when it comes to styling and shaping. It also opens up the possibility of more freedom of coloring than you would get if you approached this look with thin, light hair. This one requires some bravery and faith, but if you see it through, it could do wonders for you.

Asymmetrical Short Cut

Side-Swept Pixie Bob
A far side part is one of the best ways to show off your thick head of hair. And the way you get a deep side part with short hair is an asymmetrical cut. Shorter on one side, and longer on the other side where you intended to flip the hair over and you’ve got an amazing look. Even better is the options for a full dye job, a layered dye job, or a frosting like with the pixie cut.

Two Tone Short Cut

textured pixie haircut
This one is probably a version of a boy cut, but doesn’t really have a name. Basically a longer, top layer will have a light toned color affect while the shorter layer, along the side of the head and the nape of the neck, will be the dark of the two. This works best with two tones of the same color and not two separate colors but the world is your oyster.

Thick hair is beautiful and meant to be shared and fear of short haircuts shouldn’t stop you from doing that. So embrace that thick hair and your love for short hair with any one of these styles or find a way to create your own!