Cute Layered Hair Styles Guaranteed To Turn Heads

Women find layered hair styles very useful when it comes to finding the perfect shape for their faces. Women with narrow faces utilize the layered hair style to add more width to their faces giving them a lovely round shape. Another reason why layered hair styles are common among women is their requirement for less maintenance. You do not have to spend a lot of time and finances to keep their hair in the right condition. Layered hair styles have become darling to most women who do not want to bare much weight that results from thick hair. Layers also permit the long ends to move freely and fall back into natural shape without causing any discomfort. The strategic coloring of layers provides a great styling impact on the hair.

The best type of hair for layering depends on its coarseness. The coarsest hair is healthy for the layered hair style followed by the medium hair regarding coarseness. Thin or fine hair requires expertise for layering to be done in a proper manner.

Tips for individuals with thin hair:

• Always go to a hair stylist who has knowledge on how to work on light hair. Cutting thin hair can be a daunting task to an individual that is not used to the work.

• Do not add layers to the back. The cut hair may end up taking forever to grow. A single layer in the front is better than multiple.

• Blunt cuts are the best option. Blunt cuts give your hair a longer appearance giving observers an illusion of long hair.

• Select the best color for your layered hair. A slightly deeper root could be the best option, but consult your stylist for the best opinion. A few highlights give thinning hair a fuller and thicker look.

Here are a few of the best hair styles with layers incorporated:

1. Lightly layered, long bob

Image result for lightly layered long bob

The long bob layered hairstyle gives women their dream appearance. The hairstyle provides long hair with shape and body resulting in an elegant appearance. Layered Bob provides women with plenty of choices when it comes to styling solutions. You may decide to have a sleek, flat style or create a curly style that is slightly tossed. The style is recommended for all hair densities and face appearances. Application of an argan oil to ends during styling helps to keep the hair in good condition.

2. Retro layers

Retro Layers Long Wavy Look

Retro layers give your hair the most appealing appearance. The hairstyle comes with a feminine charm and an exclusive appearance that cannot be matched by anyone. The hairstyle is suitable for any face shape and hair density. The hair is styled by use of a curling iron that measures one inch. The curling iron is used to curl the hair horizontally. The hair gives you with a bobby pin. Verb’s Ghost oil product can be used to provide the hair maximum shining.

3. The Classy Chic Hair style

Classy Chic is a lovely hair style that ends up by ladies who want to give their thin hair a thick look. The layered hair style is recommended for ladies with thin hair. The hair is cut at the chin, and it gets tapered at the back. The tapering process is important since it enables the hair to hug the neck in an appropriate manner. Bangs located at the side of the face help in giving the face a modern look. Flipping the hair using a curling iron gives it an appealing and unique retro look.

4. Curl Booster


Curl Booster hair style provides an excellent way of creating an illusion of thick hair on individuals having thin hair. The hairstyle makes your thin hair look bouncy and full by giving it an appreciable length. The curly hair style is ideal for persons with any face shape.

5. Squarely Curly Layers


The hair style helps in adding more volume to the sides of the face. Ladies having a narrow shape on the face could find this more useful to them. Squarely Curly Layers also help in balancing correctly individuals having a round shape. Products recommended for this hair style include Verb’s hydrating shampoo and a conditioner. The hair style is suitable for any hair density. The hair should be mist with a medium-hold hairspray to maintain good conditions.

6. Short Chic Layers


The hair style is all about the texture and movement. The hair is first made damp by applying a styling aid. The hair is then blown towards the face and to the side. The hairstyle works for all hair densities. Individuals with round face shape are advised against trying the Short Chic Layer hair style.

7. Face Framing Layers


The hair style helps in enhancing the front length while facilitating movement. The styling process involves damping the hair, followed by blow drying crème. The hair is then misted by the use of a heat protectant. Face Framing Layers is suitable for any face shape and hair density.

8. Beachy Layers


The long layers featured in this hair style, aids in giving more volume and wave to the locks. The styling process involves the application of sea-salt spray from the roots of the hair to the tips. The hair is blown dry, and the ends getting scrunched. Bangs are then moved to the side by blow drying. The ends then get mist using sea salt spray. Beachy Layers works for all face shapes and hair density.

9. Swept Bangs


Bangs are the best choice for ladies with thick hair. Bangs that blend well with layers end-up providing you with a dream appearance. The style helps in relieving the common disadvantages associated with thick hair such as the excessive bulk and an unbearable weight.

10. Layered Lob Haircut


The layered hair style provides a shorter style that helps in relieving you from the disadvantages associated with thick hair. The hair style provides you with lighter locks and moves with a lot of ease. You have the choice to put up any amount of volume you desire without worrying about the weight. Layered hair style Lob Haircut is the most common among celebrities at the moment.