11 Best Layered Bob Hairstyles

A big part of the bob’s timeless beauty is it versatility. There is a variety of the bob hairstyles made to perfectly fit any face shape and any personality type. It suits the outgoing party queens, the head-bangers, the glamorous types and the casual ones. If you’re not sure whether you prefer short or long hair, the bob offers the best of both worlds.

Women with dense hair or a coarse hair texture often avoid shorter hairstyles because of… well, the “puff” that happens when they blow dry. That’s where the bob comes in. One of the most popular varieties of this hairstyle is the layered bob, which actually removes volume and makes the hair light. There is nothing quite like feeling the breeze in your hair, and layered bob hairstyles are all about that. Here are some ideas for your new hairstyle.

1. Very short layers for a lightweight bob

This bob type is great for short face shapes, combined with very dense hair and medium or coarse texture. When you blow this bob with a fan, you create volume, but if you don’t want that, you can easily take care of it with an iron. It’s very easy to maintain and it looks awesome. You could combine it with an extraordinary hair color to make it more “your own”.

2. Wavy bob

Image result for wavy bob haircut
Letting your waves straighten towards the ends will make this hairstyle compliment any face shape. If you like to do some magic with curling wands, maintaining this sweet bob won’t be a problem. Just like the previous one, you should have high hair density with texture that’s medium or coarse. The hairstyle is very interesting and it’s a great match for various occasions and clothing items.

3. Curly hug

Image result for tight curly bob
This bob also suits the same types, but its face-hugging curls won’t suit ladies whose head shape is flat on the back. Also, to get your hairstyle on point, you’ll need some time to make sure all of the curls fall perfectly into place, but when you get used to it, it will only be a matter of minutes. This bob looks very glamorous and will go well with a pretty dress for a special event.

4. Asymmetric bob

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The asymmetric bob is probably the most popular of all the varieties. What makes it so special is the uneven front parts that break the usual dull symmetry but manage to look chic as well. It suits everyone and requires minimal care, so it’s basically a dream come true.

5. Cheeky bob


This bob is short at the back and gradually gets longer near the front, but it was meant to reveal the cheekbones, so it’s cut a bit into the sides. This hairstyle opens up your face, making it appear wider and shorter, which is why it suits longer face shapes wonderfully. Go get your flat iron and let this cute bob do the charming for you.

6. Soft wavesImage result for asymmetric bob


The larger the (curling) wand, the more magical the results, right? This easily made layered bob hairstyle fits any face shape and makes it look very feminine and finds the balance between casual and styled – it would pass as an everyday style as well as a party look.

7. Escaping curls

Image result for escaping curls bob

You might need a little bit of skill to get your curls to curl away from your face, but as soon as you master that, you’ll be able to make this lovely hairstyle. The bangs will achieve the effect of a shorter face, while the curls will make your face appear wider. The curls make the hair look pretty interesting since there’s a lot going on in the background, which is why it matches ladies with a lot of positive energy that love to have fun.

8. Curly layers

Image result for curly layered bob

The key to success when it comes to this hairstyle lies in the very way it was layered. By freeing the hair of any additional weight, it allows it to naturally curl its way into a fabulous look. If you have a longer face shape but don’t have naturally curly hair, you only have one of the two ingredients, but that can be easily fixed with the aid of a curling iron. The beauty of this bob is in the fact that it only looks complicated to do – your hair basically does itself.

9. Disconnected bob

Image result for disconnected bob

This one features hair that’s the same length from the top to the bottom, making it really simple to style. However, it earned its name owing to the disconnected pieces at the front that make the face look more round. All you need to maintain it is a flat iron, so let’s get down to business! The disconnected bob just might be the new messy bun. There is one more perk to it – the wind can’t ruin it.

10. Hide and seek bob

Image result for hide and seek bob hair

The name of this bob has to do with its very long bangs that are swept to the side so that they can easily cover (hide) the whole forehead and its specific layering. It’s longer at the back and shorter at the front, which makes the hair go back off your face on its own, opening it more. Ladies with longer faces will fall in love with this simple but effective bob immediately.

11. Balancing bob

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This hairstyle has a deep part on the side that makes the left and right side of your hair uneven, balancing the shape of the entire head. With a flat iron and some hairspray, it works out for anyone who is sick of having one normal and one bulky side of the head. It presents a point where sophistication and emo punk meet making sure that you can have the best of both worlds.

There are many more varieties of layered bob hairstyles for you to choose from. You can combine with an ombre or  even play around with color to add more personality to it. Either way, those haircuts will be lightweight, easy to maintain and adjustable – they can go from casual to classy in a matter of minutes. These things are the essence of the bob and the answer to the eternal question: “what women want”. Well, at least in terms of hair.