How To Match The Right Hairstyles And Colors

These days, everyone is looking for the best possible way to style and color their hair. With hair stylists and hair dyes galore, there are endless ways you can do your hair up to make it look absolutely stunning and totally unique! While styles can be applied to any color of hair, there is something to be said for matching your hair style to the color that you have. Don’t be afraid to explore the relationship a little bit and choose the perfect match.

5 Best Styles for Brunette Hair

Long and Golden

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If you have long brown hair, try adding some golden colored highlights and let it grow! Emphasize the lighter highlights around the face and the ends – It will create something utterly flattering! Consider adding some face framing layers for extra drama.

Honey and Gold

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To really flatter a somewhat darker complexion, go for some gold and honey colored highlights over a medium-brown base color. Lots of makeup and big features will compliment this look, while a fairer complexion may get washed out, so it’s not for everyone. Leaving this style to fall in long waves will be absolutely beautiful, although the color will require some maintenance.

Layered Ash

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For a medium to long cut with layers, consider adding a color a few shades lighter than your natural one, from your mid-length to ends. It will highlight the points of your layers, with a very natural flow. An ash-brown base will work well with this and should flatter just about anyone.

Beach Ready

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For shorter hair, try adding a sandy brown color to your natural hair. It should be 2 or 3 shades lighter, and be well blended. If blended finely enough, it will require very little maintenance as you shouldn’t get any noticeable root lines as it grows.

Chestnut Brown

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Try adding a nice chestnut brown color to some long, face framing layers. This will give your hair a rich, chocolatey look and will be especially flattering to anyone with brown eyes!



5 Best Styles for Blonde Hair

Beachy Waves

Long Blond Hairstyle with Beachy Waves

If you’ve got long hair and some time on your hands, this style is the perfect beach-ready look! Spray damp hair with a texturing spray, and put in some braids. The more braids you do, the wavier it will be. Let hair air dry, release the braids, give it a gentle brush, and you’re good to go!

Sleek and Shiny


For long, light colored blonde hair, a simple pin straight style will be perfectly dramatic. Blow dry with a round brush for volume, and flat-iron it straight. Side bangs are a bonus here – you will seriously shine!

Fringe Bangs


Blondes can really work a heavy fringe bang, because the lighter color won’t overwhelm their face! An over the shoulder braid can really complete this style, creating a super-cute summer look, without too much effort!

Side Swept Curls


Some nice, round curls on medium-long hair will go beautifully with a long, full side bang. Adding a little curl to the end of the bang will be the perfect finishing touch to a look that will give you some wonderfully bold volume, if you’ve got the time!

Simple Long Layers


Some simple, long layers can look absolutely beautiful with your blonde hair. Straight or wavy, the layers will add some lovely movement. Get yourself into some natural light, and you’ll shine like the sun!


5 Best Styles for Black Hair

Sleek and Straight


While great on blondes as well, the sleek, straight look works for black hair for a different reason. It’s very dramatic and to-the-point. You will stand out in a crowd, while carrying a true air of mystery!

Straight and Red

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If you’re looking to create a real dramatic effect, add some red streaks to your black hair. The brighter the red, the more drama you will create. This will work for straight or curly hair, but straight will likely be flashier. Curls will create a softer look.

Curly Bob

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A bob cut with some side bangs is a great choice if you’ve got naturally black hair but are looking to create a softer, sweeter look. It will frame your face beautifully, and the bangs will add some movement and flair. Looks good on most, but will be especially flattering to heart-shaped faces.

Spiked Pixie

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A short pixie cut with spiky layers is a great way to go for cute and dramatic at the same time. It accentuates your face, and is great for showing off jewelry! A very low maintenance cut as you won’t have very much hair to worry about in the first place!

Asymmetrical Bob

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The asymmetrical look works for any hair color really, but with black hair it really makes a statement. It frames your face while adding a bit of mystery to your look. Excellent for standing out in a crowd, and easy to take care of.


5 Best Styles for Red Hair

Red and Yellow

Yellow Highlights For Red Hair

Not a combination many think of right away, but add some long layers to your hair and put in some chunky yellow highlights for a bright, very striking look.

Beachy Red Bob

Red Wavy Lob

It doesn’t really matter what color your hair is, you always want to be ready for the beach. A long bob looks great with red hair, and if you’ve got some time to add some waves, you’ll be the talk of the town once you head down to those sandy shores!


Burgundy To Red Ombre

For long wavy hair, a two-toned look can be absolutely gorgeous. Using a shade that is a few shades lighter than your natural color, dye the bottom two thirds of your hair. No roots mean incredibly easy maintenance, and if your waves are natural, even better!

Orange Ombre

Black To Orange Ombre

For a classy, ravishing look, try using an orangey-red color, that slowly washes out as it moves down the length of your hair, ending in a shade of almost-white. If done right, it will no doubt be attractive and dramatic.

Multi-colored Braids

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If you want to try something really bold and fun, try incorporating three or more colors into your hair, with your red as the base. Some blues and purples are a good suggestion. This is super cute on its own, but will look even more exciting when braided. You can experiment with all different kinds of braiding; the possibilities are endless!



Whatever color hair you have, if you want the perfect look, matching the color to the style may be the key. Whether you’re going for soft and cute, or loud and dramatic, do some research and pick something that suits you! Don’t be afraid to be bold and stand out.