Top 13 Haircuts For Fine Hair


Do I have fine or thick hair?

There is a way to test which type of hair you have and it is incredibly simple. Wash your hair and leave it to dry naturally. Refrain from drying your hair with a towel or blow drying, because they may skew the results. Once you have done this take a single strand of hair and (if it is long enough) hold it front of your hair. If it is clearly visible you have thick hair, if you can hardly see it, its fine. Sometimes you can feel the difference too. Thick hair may feel coarse and wiry in your hand.

What causes my hair to be this way?

Simply the large follicles lead to thick hair, whereas smaller follicles lead to finer hair. Studies have also shown that the amount of follicles plays a part. Having a lot of follicles leads to thicker hair and less follicles equals finer hair. Of course studies have suggested certain ethnicities and even certain hair colors have a tendency towards one thickness or the other. Red heads for example, are most likely to have fine hair and brunettes more predisposed to coarse hair.

What styles suit which type?

As a general rule, people with thick hair will look best with layered, choppy, styles, whereas fine-haired people tend to suit a more even cut.

I have fine hair what am I going to do?

Fear not. We have a selection of styles in this article tailored for your individual needs.

haircuts for fine hair

1.) The asymmetric pixie

Image result for asymmetrical pixie

This style will especially suit those with strong features and a longer face as it is very feminine. It is a very versatile cut that can be worn with no, some or lots of texture. To style this cut apply a product then use a styling brush while blow drying before adding a product to add texture.

2) Blunt Weight


As previously mentioned the best way to wear fine hair is to have it all at a similar length and in that respect this style is perfect giving you hair its maximum density. To style simply apply your chosen product and while blow drying use a round brush to pull the hair away from where it would naturally fall.

3)  The long bob


Yes this does sound like it’s describing a winter sport. But it is a versatile cut that just about anyone can pull off. Similar to the blunt weight, you should style by lifting the hair from its natural fall while blow drying and then use root powder before curling. Then, finally blow off the excess powder and use a setting spray.

4) Edgy and Forward


This is a take on the classic pixie cut when you brush your hair forward and towards your face. The styling of this is fairly low maintenance. All you have to do is simply blow dry towards your face and then apply a small amount of product and do the finer details. This is good for people who appreciate a “rock-chick” look and works well for those with a wide face.


5) Bias Cut

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This is a personal favorite. It is very stylish, daring and very modern. In this cut you have your hair forward and to the side, but not from a definitive parting. It is a highly stylized look that will suit people with a wider face. It is simple to style as well, you just blow dry and use a product to give you texture. Simple!

6) Bixie

Image result for bob and pixie

Yes it is a hybrid haircut! Half bob, half pixie, what else could we call it? This particular style is especially good for those with a heart shaped face as it will highlight your stunning cheekbones. In order to style you apply a product on top of wet hair, blow-dry and then add a further lightweight product to texture.

7) Disconnected A-line

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This is different from a traditional bob because there is no transitional area between the long front and the shorter back. This gives the cut a very modern look. The cut can be tinkered with to suit any face shape. Styling begins by having applied product and giving your hair a blow dry look. From there simply use a flat iron on the longer hair before spraying on a shine product.

8) Curly mid lengths


Mid length hair is awesome. It gives you tons of versatility and looks great in this style which suits any face shape. It’s simple to achieve with a set of curling irons. Just remember to spray on a heat protector before using them to keep your hair in good condition.

9) Beachy curls


This is a beautiful way to get a thicker look out of your fine hair. This cut suits those with a heart shaped face and can even be used by those with medium thick hair. Styling couldn’t be simpler. Start by using a medium-curling wand before applying product and scrunching hair in your hands.

10) Instant volume


Adding volume to fine hair gives the allusion of thicker hair. This style is perfect for those with a wider face. A teasing brush is used on the scalp to create volume, but this must be done delicately before lightly combing over the area to hide the “teasing”.

11) Framed one length


We all know that fine hair is best at one length and this style does just that. It works best with a wide face.  Add a fringe and it will work with longer faces too. To style, apply product, blow dry, apply heat protection then use an iron on the mid shaft to the ends.

12) Perfect match


This long flowing style suits any face shape. To style curl sections of hair uniformly in the same direction, brush through with a dressing brush to make a wave and then use a finishing spray to hold.

13) Mane accessories

Image result for fringe haircut

Adding a fringe and framing your face means that this cut will suit any face type. To get the look add your product before blow drying with a round brush. You then smooth from the middle of your hair to the tip with an iron before applying a product for shine.