Gorgeous Hair Styles For Prom

Prom is one of the most memorable occasions in the life of a high school girl. Everything has to be perfect on this day, especially the hair. Here are a few Hair styles for prom for short, medium and long hair.

Short Hair Styles For Prom

  1. Volumized Pony Tail


This is a chic and beautiful hairstyle. This done up style is something which one can wear on a daily basis, but still it has a sophisticated and polished look to it. You can dress up your hair with hair pins or a headband which matches your prom dress.

  1. Sleek Bob

sleek bob

For those with a short bob, this hairstyle is a good option. Create a deep side part and then apply styling foam through wet hair and blow dry and add a finishing gloss to make your hair shiny.

  1. Feathered Bob

feathered bob

To create this look you need a lot of volumizing products and blow outs. Begin with a layered cut a few weeks before your prom. These layers are necessary for creating floaty hair flips and feathers. To complete the look, blow dry the hair with a round brush and volumizing mousse, then add texturizing product with a little hold. Curl the strands out with a curling iron. Spritz hairspray.

  1. Pixie


Those who would not mind a short hair with bold look must try this, which is nothing but texture. Begin with piece-Y pixie cut, then rough up hair. Emulsify some amount of wax in your hands and run them through your hair, with your fingers shaping the hair.

  1. Bouncy Flip


Blow dry your hair using a volumizing spray and set in medium sized Velcro rollers. Now brush out, accentuating your flips in the ends. Back comb the crown for volume by running a fine tooth comb through the inches of your hair near the scalp in short strokes, going from back to front.


Medium Hair Styles For Prom

  1. Copper Curls

copper curls

This gorgeous copper curls hairs style is one of the best for medium length hair. It has a mirror like finish. Full thick bangs can be worn to the side and forward, small curls are worn down to the shoulders. Use a one inch sized curling iron for creating the smaller curls. Smoothen the bangs forward using flat iron and then flick them to the side. Take small sections of the bangs when ironing them. This hairdo looks good on square faced shapes.

  1. Purple Pop

purple pop

This hairstyle is a super chic one. It is a special one which makes your night special. Just a few pieces around your face will change your look. Begin with a clean, dry hair and apply your heat protecting styling product. Add curls to your entire head using quarter inch curling iron. Use the same to curl your colored extensions. Lift your hair gently and place your hair extensions there and then secure it to the scalp. Spray your entire hair with flexible hairspray and keep your curls soft for the whole night. This suits square shaped faces.

  1. Crimped Out


This hairstyle will help you rock at your prom, if you want something unique. Begin with clean and dry hair and part it to the side. Mist hair with light hairspray and heat memory to your hair. Drop a thin section of your hair and the rest must go up into a pony out of the way. Heat up your waving and clamp it down on the section starting at the roots and move your hair strands down till the whole section is crimped from roots to tips. Keep dropping thin sections of hair and use the iron to add texture till your total hair has been ironed. Clamp the iron firmly to the hair so that is crimped well. This hair style best suits oval shaped faces.

  1. Chignon


This is elegant and simple. Smooth all hair back towards one ear using a styling product. Put the hair in a low pony tail, then roll it under and create a little chignon shape which you can pin underneath. Tuck the hair from the other side under and pin them. Spray the whole hair with a hold hairspray. Add accessory of your choice right behind the ear. This super sleek hair style will suit those with naturally straight hair.


Long Hair Prom Hairstyles

  1. Sleek side pony

side pony2

This hairstyle creates an elegance while keeping the hair out of the face. Begin with dry hair, parted to a side of your choice. Secure the hair to one side with a hair tie of a color of your choice. Before you begin curling, spray each section with a light hold hairspray. Use a 1 inch curling iron. Take a section of hair and wrap it tightly around the ponytail holder. Tuck the end section of the hair in a ponytail holder. Style your bangs as desired. Spray with a finishing spray.

  1. Modern Mohawk


Begin with dry and straight hair. Comb out any part of your hair and begin back combing the top Mohawk section. When you got your desired height on top, take a large section on either side and smooth it and pull it back and secure with a bobby pin. Hair on either side has to meet in the back of your head. Start smoothing the top Mohawk section so that it is over the pins. Finish with a coat of strong hold hairspray.

  1. Sock Bun

sock bun

This is a wildly popular hairstyle which is elegant and sophisticated. Secure your hair in a high, tight ponytail. Separate your ponytail into top and bottom sections. Clip the top one to the top of your head. Take the bottom one and tuck the ends of your hair, creating a bun shape and secure the ends of the hair with bobby pins. Take the top part of your pony and separate into 2 sections, one on the right and one on the left. Take either side and tuck the ends underneath the bun which you created. Secure the ends with bobby pins. Finish with hairspray.