Hair Styles For Older Women

79They say that when a woman wants to change something in her life, she changes her haircut. That’s usually true, because a woman’s hair represents who she is in a way, and how she would like to be seen by other people, therefore, inner change must be followed by one on the outside. While teenagers like to experiment with hairstyles that go with their edgy lifestyles and young women like long, luxurious hair, older women tend to cut their hair a bit shorter.

Whether it’s because long hair is difficult to maintain properly or those who call menopause the new puberty are right, older ladies really rock short hairstyles. A new hairstyle is something like a symbol of constant change and evolving beauty – because it’s actually just realizing that your hair can complement you at any age.

If You’re Looking For Glamor…


You don’t need to be in your fifties to know that the glamor of Marylin Monroe will never go out of style, just like the soft curls and swirls of the jazz era became synonymous with graceful and beautiful women who still knew how to have fun. If this sound familiar, then you’ve found the right hairstyle for you. This glamorous look will suit ladies with square-shaped faces wonderfully, and it also isn’t demanding – any type of straight to slightly curly hair can be done with nothing more than hot rollers.

If what you need is volume…


Ladies whose face is oval-shaped might have been waiting for a slimming hairstyle their entire life. Short hair with bangs to cover up the wrinkles on the forehead (definitely cheaper than Botox) should be quite easy to maintain to anyone with straight or even a bit wavy hair. The volume of the haircut still puts an accent on how luxurious your hair is just like a much longer one would.

If you prefer something classic…


With some classic things you really can’t go wrong, and the bob hairstyle is no exception. Women with heart-shaped or round faces and straight or wavy hair would benefit from a chin-length hairstyle like this that gives many options for combining the classic cut with modern styling.

Another version of the bob that fits any face type charms by its numerous layers that soften the whole look. Ladies who love to wear earrings will instantly fall in love with this hairstyle. It can be cut to the jawbone to fit oval-shaped faces as the bangs bring some balance by covering the forehead.

If you want to get the best of both worlds…

best of both

Going full fringe will give you both the volume and the layers, the soft full bangs will hide any imperfection on your forehead and your round-shaped face will look as beautiful as ever. This haircut only needs you to take care of the volume so it’s pretty easy to maintain and it won’t give you much trouble. This is, indeed, the hairstyle that will allow you to spend more time enjoying yourself than worrying about how you look.

If you’re thinking of something really short…


…look no further, because the pixie haircut not only requires minimal to no time spent on styling it but its long bangs also compliment longer faces. Be aware, though, that it’s important to take your hair color into account when choosing this haircut, as not all hair colors look equally well on short hair.

By making the bangs of the pixie even longer, the haircut can fit ladies with heart and round-shaped faces as well. This edgy hairstyle, however, need a bit of attention in order to get the best of those long bangs.

If you want short, bold and feminine at the same time…


By coloring the top part of your hair into a lighter shade that would contrast with the darker hair beneath, you’re making the hairstyle both bold and if you leave it softer on the edges, it will look feminine too. This kind of hairstyle fits anyone and allows the free spirit to show while still being appropriate for older women. It offers women a chance to see that the hair coloring they may have seen as a little bit “over the top” goes perfectly well with their age if combined with the right haircut.

But hey! If you’re still a young rebel at heart, try coloring your hair into something truly bold that screams your name. Don’t be afraid to stand out, there is no reason to hide your energy and vitality. Those traits won’t stop you from “growing old with grace”, quite the opposite.

If you’re up for something different…


Asymmetric hairstyles are very popular, because they go well with any face shape, they are easy to maintain and they look pretty interesting. The longer side of your haircut is what keeps it feminine, but the shorter one is what makes it stand out. The modern and the old-fashioned parts of your personality are both portrayed and this look will make people see a woman that’s open to new things in life and also willing to stand her ground.

The asymmetric effect doesn’t have to be visible when comparing the left and right side of your face, the haircut can be layered throughout, with flips that will make you look like a graceful and fresh. The best thing about this hairstyle is its lightweight feel that will definitely make you feel good. On the other hand, it requires you to use a curling iron and to split your hair in sections to keep its breezy shape.

“Hair styles for older women” is the most commonly used term, but they might as well be called “hair styles for experienced women who need a haircut to catch up with them and don’t need to chase every new trend”, but that’s just too long, right? Nowadays, gray hair is “in”, as well as short hairstyles and it seems like fashion trends are on your side. Whichever hairstyle you choose, just make sure it reflects who you are at heart – because if you’re satisfied with how you look you’ll be happier, and there is nothing that says “growing old gracefully” than confidence.