Top 13 Women Hair Styles For Long Faces

short and curlyThere are billions of women on the planet, and nearly as many types of hairstyles, but only a handful of different face shapes, giving each and everyone woman an appearance and presence that is singular and special to them as an individual. The seven most prominent shapes are oval, round, triangular, square, heart-shaped, oblong, or diamond. But how does one go about determining the shape of their face? Every face is unique, and every face is beautiful.

Shape and proportion generally determine the best type of hairstyle to go with the specific features of face. The following will help explain the shape of the face that looks back at you in the mirror, and suggest the hair style that is best suited specifically for you to help you look and feel your best. This article will also provide some tips for each face shape; especially for those women with long faces who tend to have a harder time finding just the right hairstyles.


How to find your shape:


There are several methods to establish the shape of your face.The most visual method, though less scientific and potentially less accurate, leaving more room for error, is to stand in front of the mirror, in good lighting, at a distance from which you can reach the mirror while standing up straight, without leaning in.

Tie your hair back so that it won’t fall into your face. Then, using a bar of soap or anything that will wash off, stand straight and still and trace the outline of your entire face, around the cheeks, not including the ears. You should see a decent representation of the shape of your face in your mirror drawing.


That being said, the most effective method is to measure. You will still want to do this in front of a mirror, again under good lighting, to insure that you can see every part of your face clearly. Find a flexible tape measure, which can comfortably contour to the curves in your cheeks and chin. First, measure width, cheek to cheek, across the tops of your cheekbones. Start just beyond the outside corner of the eye and lay the tape measure across the bridge of the nose in a straight line to the other eye.

Next, measure the jaw line at the widest part of the jaw. Start just below the ear and measure to the middle of the chin, then double that number to account for the combined length of the entire jaw. Your forehead is next. Measure across the widest part of the forehead, which can typically be found halfway between the eyes and the hairline. Finally, measure the length of your face, from your hairline to the tip of the chin.


Defining the different shapes:


Oblong faces, sometimes called rectangular, are longer than they are wide. Heart-shaped faces appear to be upside down triangles, and are typically defined by a relatively pointy chin. Square faces are equally wide and long, with sharp angles at the widest points. Oval faces have gently rounded chins, similarly proportioned to an upside down egg. Round faces are fairly similar to square faces, but with curved chins and no sharp angles.

Triangular faces are skinniest at the top with long, wide, square jaws and a narrow forehead. Women with diamond faces have the widest cheekbones, with narrow foreheads and skinny, pointed chins.


Understanding how and why certain styles fit your shape:


For women with round or heart-shaped faces, a deep part and curls can change the focal point of the length of your face. Women with round and oval faces often look best with shorter hair and bangs. It is a common misconception that women with round faces do not look their best in bangs, but as long you have the confidence in yourself and the way that you look, and you ask your stylist to keep a little extra length on the sides, you will be able to pull off the look.


Diamond-shaped faces can appear narrow if you wear your hair forward. Parted and pushed back is generally the way to go. This face shape can also pull off a deep part, to the side, with big, pronounced waves. For the most part, bangs should be avoided. A nice, layered upon layered look will keep your face looking more wide open, as opposed to a straighter, sleeker cut. The straighter cut can still look gorgeous, but it will make your face look a little bit narrow. Ponytails are another great option, because they keep the hair pulled back.


Oval is considered by many to be the the most symmetrical and proportionate. We, as a society, tend to put women with oval faces on a pedestal, especially those in the public eye. It is also one of the most versatile shapes when it comes to number and type of hairdos. Because of the proportions of the oval face, they perhaps have an advantage as the best possible shape to wear an updo.

It is easier to get the do just right, because you do not need to fuss as much to make the hair look proportionate with the face. A side-swoop with a little volume and bangs looks incredible on women with oval faces. The volume is important though, as without it, the face has a tendency to look short. Try parting to the center for best results.


Women with longer faces, meaning oblong or rectangular shapes, tend to have the most disparity between good and bad hairstyles. When it comes to haircuts that match well with long faces, the aim is to create a balance and soften the angles.First, and most importantly, avoid perfectly straight styles or cutting your hair too short. This can make your face look too long and disproportionate. Anything containing super sharp angles will only accent the length.

The main thing to understand is that lines and texture can help reduce the appearance of length in your face if that is your goal, and make your hairstyle more flattering. Avoid volume at the crown of the head, this can pull the hairline back and make the forehead appear wider than it is.

Below are thirteen of the top hairstyles for women with long faces.

1. Shoulder length and wavy

shoulder length wavy

 2. Chin-length bob


 3. Long, with bangs: brow-skimming, side-swept or blunt

long with bangs

 4. Longer hair with lots of layers

long hair layers

 5. A bob with long-swept bangs (great for thick, straight hair)


 6. A curly “fake” bob, using waves to add width

wavy bob

 7. The Shag: ask your stylist to cut in choppy layers, can be worn blown out or air-dried to give it a natural wave


 8. Short and curly, flattering because it adds width to the sides of the face and reduces the appearance of length

short and curly

 9. Shoulder length with lots of volume

shoulder length thick

 10. Long and curly: but not too long or it can weigh down your face

long curly

 11. Short hair that doesn’t cover the ears with long, side-swept bangs


 12. Medium length with “babylights” (a new trend among Hollywood actresses)


 13. A long, full-bodied bob



Hopefully these tips help you make a decision on your next stylish do. Whether you’ve got an oval face, a square face, or a heart-shaped face, there’s a perfect cut out there for you. Simply figure out your face shape and consult your stylist and you will see results that boost your self-esteem. It’s also a great idea to pull pictures from magazines of celebrities with similar face shapes to yours; this can help you come up with some fantastic ideas!