The Best Hair Styles For Kids On The Go

It is common knowledge that a good hair day is a good day in general. This applies to not only adults, but kids as well. So why not make every day a good one for your kids by giving them a fresh new look?

A good cut and well-groomed hair will go a long way. So if you are looking for a way to boost your child’s self esteem, talk to them about what their preferences are and what they might want to try. After all, if your child is going to experiment with anything why not try the hair? Tattoos and piercings are permanent, but hair can always be dyed back or grown out, so give your children the freedom they might want to take and find the new style that works for them.

Haircuts for the boys:

For the boys there are a variety of haircuts to choose from that suit their specific personalities and their everyday activities.

shutterstock_9314551For an energetic one who loves to run around and play all day, go for a cut with slightly shaved hair for both the sides and the back. This helps to reduce volume and airs the head, helping your child keep cool.

shutterstock_147873956For a relatively calm boy who would rather spend the day reading books or doing homework, go for a cut with a bang element. The short bangs can easily be swooped to the side or styled in order to prevent any botheration to your little genius.

shutterstock_139269404 For the boys who love playing with dinosaurs or those little chemistry sets, go for a short cut that amplifies the volume of the hair and then style it up with a side part, giving your child the most adorable look ever.

shutterstock_94501846 Parents with boys who have curly hair may like to experiment with Afro looks or go for cuts that reduce volume and carefully frame the face with the naturally curly strands.

shutterstock_271916843If your son is really adventurous and would like to do something daring with his hair, a bold choice can be going with side designs. Start by doing a buzz cut to the sides of the head, and then any designs or even logos can be shaved in! This can also be done at the back of the head, near the nape of the neck for a less obvious yet visible cut. A popular choice for the design can be the logo of your kids favorite superhero! That is bound to make them feel super every day!

Haircuts for the girls:

For girls there are also many options to choose from. Every day can lead to a new hairstyle.

shutterstock_33793084For girls who like to play dress up or have tea parties with their friends, go for a longer cut. This allows there to be more hair that can be done up and styled in many ways. Perfect for those fancy tea parties.

shutterstock_111398132For girls who would much rather do their homework than play with toys, go for a shorter length cut. Hair cut in layers can be a good choice in these situations as it reduces volume while giving a lovely look on its own.

shutterstock_87629893 Girls who would rather have their hair out of the way, can go for a straight and medium cut that can easily be pulled into a ponytail or a cute little bun. No fuss, no muss.

shutterstock_18261706For those girls who like to put on the red lipstick and dress up as a supermodel or a princess, go for a longer cut with the front strands relatively short. This opens up a world of new hairstyles to go with every new look.

shutterstock_125508299For girls with curly locks there is a range of haircut lengths, varying from short and bouncy to long and wavy that will help flaunt those beautiful curls.
Finding the right look for your kid is all about experimentation and depends on the preference of your kids. When deciding on a haircut, always consider the advice of your stylist. They are professionals and can give suitable tips.

There is no rule-book when it comes to hair, so you can opt for any cut or style that suits your kids. This means you can go wild and crazy or stay safe with tried and tested looks, anything works!
Now that you have picked a haircut for your kid, now comes the styling part. shutterstock_137844992The style of hair depends on the day’s activities. For a school day, go for a simple and easy style that you can make in a hurry when readying your kids. It will give them a presentable look and even keep the hair out of their face. We all know how a loose strand can be very annoying when doing homework. shutterstock_39423409For a play date with friends, go for a more relaxed and casual look, that looks great when your kids are running around with friends. For girls with long hair, there is a large variety of braids to choose from including the French tail, the fish tail, boxer braids, Dutch braids and even inverted braids.shutterstock_149781074 There are a combination of styles as well that combine two different braids or even a half updo and a braid to give an interesting look. The best part is that there are thousands of tutorials available online that include step-by-step pictures and even videos, instructing on how to make these gorgeous braids.

So you do not have to be a professional in order to get those fabulous styles. With one click of a button a few practice runs you can make any type of braid that you would like.
For boys a little bit of a styling cream or holding gels can be used to style the hair and to make sure that it stays that way.shutterstock_192478781 Or you can go for a gel-free looks just by dampening the hair a little bit and then styling it into place. When the hair dries, it will hold its shape and also has the advantage of being able to change the style anytime by simply running through the hair with your hand. shutterstock_189837758For girls you can experiment with hair colors, hair chalks for a safe and temporary color, hair glitters or even colorful clips and bands. If your boys want to go out all the way, go for a completely new look by getting an undercut, a buzz cut, a crew cut, a Caesar cut or even a Mohawk. shutterstock_39853453Girls can also go for cornrow braids, side-cuts or even a shaved look at the back of the head that can be obscured by the long strands but come into play when you opt for a high ponytail.shutterstock_80737177

Whatever style you go with make sure the child is happy. If a child loves their hair, then their confidence will automatically be boosted, and let them enjoy life. Let them enjoy the joys life has to offer and explore the world with a bright and vivid imagination.