17 Different Hair Styles For Any Occasion

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53Most of the women are particular with their physical appearances, and want to look their best at all times. No wonder they want to take care of their hair and frequent the hair salon for hair treatments and help with their hair style. Indeed, a good and most suitable hairstyle would allow a lady to look unique and more charming.

The good news is that many hair stylists are becoming creative when it comes to hairstyles. There is a wide variety of hairstyles available for women, and there would be one hairstyle that would most certainly best suit your own personality. Here are the different hair styles for women that you could choose from.

Top 17 Different Looks

Long plus straight:


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this hairstyle could be a hit or miss with lots of people. It can either cause you to appear flat and dull or extremely sexy. It’s very simple to attain. You have extremely long hair, past the shoulders, that is undoubtedly straightened entirely; that’s for you!

Scruffy Up-Do:

Image result for scruffy updo

Whether you have long hair or just mid-length hair you can utilize this simple and elegant fashion. As opposed to brushing your hair fully smooth by using a brush along with pulling it up into a bun or perhaps up-do of some sort, leave the actual brush behind. Instead you ought to tease your hair to make it as chaotic looking as you possibly can.

Pixie Cut:

Image result for pixie hair

This kind of haircut is amazingly short utilizing asymmetrical style in front to get a jumbled chic look that needs little to no routine maintenance. It may be electrifying to chop off all your long hair and be left with a shaved haircut that is nothing less than glamorous.

Unique Braids:

unique braid

braids are back with a vengeance and may be used in different ways. The most popular trend today is taking the hair directly in front of your face and creating a French braid to outline your face but leaving the rest of your hair loose. This offers a basic look that keeps hair from your face and also highlights your face.


Image result for layered hair

Whether you have long or short hair, layers can do quite a bit for your style. Cool and long layers angled towards your face can easily add fashion to a stylish cut and highlight your face in a very positive way.

Chin length bob:

Image result for wavy chin length bob

This style is usually ideal for those with wavy, curly, or straight hair. The beauty with the style is that it has a number of options and therefore, you can style your hair in many ways.

All Over Waves:

Image result for all over waves hairstyle

The mid length hair style can look super cute styled all over wavy. A haircut with lots of long layers is very suited for the wavy look. Apply a curl-enhancing cream or gel to damp hair and blow dry using a diffuser attachment. Add soft waves throughout with a medium barrel curling iron.

Old Hollywood Glamor:

Image result for old hollywood hairstyles

This style’s look is characterized by smooth, voluptuous waves, and deep side parts. The best techniques to get the look are pin curling and finger waving. Top it off with a beautiful vintage accessory on one side or at the back.

Cropped bob:

Image result for cropped bob hair

This is superb for those that are daring and want an elegant style. While this style is great, it looks splendid on people with thinner and straight hair. Also if you have curly or wavy hair, you should avoid the style because it will give your head a mushroom appearance.

Graying hair:

Image result for young people dye hair gray

Although, you can color your hair if it’s turning gray, you should consider leaving it gray. If you are interested in a more stylish look, you should color the hair white or silver.

Ponytail Up Do:

Image result for ponytail updo

This up do involves all of the hair pulled back into a ponytail for a formal look. It used to be that ponytails were only meant for the gym and lazy weekends. Now women are wearing these super-easy styles to red carpet events. To create an extra straight and smooth up do, flat iron the hair from roots to the ends before pulling it back into a ponytail. Spray on some shine serum after styling to create a super shiny finish.

All Over Straight:

Image result for straight hairstyle

The all over straight look is very eye-catching for mid-length hair as it really pulls out any highlights mixed in throughout the hair. Highlights added around the face help to brighten your look. Add soft side-swept bangs for an even more alluring look. Long side-swept bangs cut around the face help to soften a hairstyle and add a certain dimension to the overall look.

The 1960s High Bun:

Image result for 1960s high bun

if we say “high bun” we all mean super high! This bun is situated directly on the top of your head. However, it works perfect for girls with incredibly long locks although you may possess mid-length hair and still accomplish this unbelievably self-assured fashion. It’s very basic, stylish and vintage in its fashion.

The New Mod:

Image result for mod style hair

Think “super-fly Beatle”. The re-born version of the classic 50’s-60’s mod style has shorter lengths and texture in the crown, which become heavy, almost blunt bangs that skim the eyelashes. Annoying, I know, but hey…what’s a little discomfort in the name of fashion? The back and sides of the new mod style can range from short to medium with either lots of texture or distinct bluntness around the hairline.

80’s Inspired:

Image result for 80s inspired hair

A return to the 80’s means an influence from that time…texture and movement, shorter layers throughout the top, lots of waves and tousled curls.

Mohawks and Faux-Hawks:

Image result for faux hawk women

A sizzling hot style for both guys and gals, the mohawk will be settling in for a good spell. This look is extensively versatile, possible to mimic on any hair length. If your hair is short, use a wax or gel and simply direct it forward and up in the center. For a temporary mohawk on longer lengths, back comb a rectangular section from your front hairline to your crown. Slick the sides down close to your head, either behind the ears or secure these sections straight back and underneath the back sections.


Image result for spiked hair women

Nothing is a lot more vintage compared to small and also hot spikes. This kind of cut is easy to maintain and just takes a couple of minutes to put together every morning.

Just a perfect choice and turn into an angel you’ve always wanted!


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