21 Timeless Cute Hair Styles

There are literally thousands of really cute hairstyles that you can choose depending on the length of your hair, and how far you are prepared to go to achieve the look you want. Here we look at 21 of the cutest styles, not necessarily in order of popularity.

Vintage Half Up

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This is an old fashioned technique which is still used today on long hair. It is a classic look where two sections of hair on either side are twisted and then joined at the back. You may use any decorative clasp to secure the braids. A very elegant style and one that keeps coming back into fashion.

Cascading Hair Up Do

cascading hair
Here, two sections of hair at the front are used and brought around to the back. The hair is then literally tied back in a half knot. A casual elegant style for long hair and possibly one of the easiest to do by yourself.

Half And Half

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This is another classic suitable for occasions such as weddings. Half of the hair is taken up and joined at the back instead of just a small section. This is a style that would benefit from a decorative clasp at the back.

Half Up Fishtail Braid

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A small amount of hair is lifted from the sides and taken around to the back of the head, secured and then plaited loosely. A very cute, casual look! So easy to do!

Short Bob And Coloring

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Short bobs are always a great choice, but with a hint of sea foam green this becomes a really cute and trendy style. With this style you should not be afraid to employ the use of color as this style just lends itself to being tinted.

Layered Graduated Colored Bob

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A graduated bob with tons of layers and a flash of color gives a vibrant slant to this already popular style. Color makes this bob a spectacularly cute design. You can change the color to suit your moods.

Teased With Side Part

This style was very popular some years ago and is making a come back now. This style is all about giving a huge amount of volume to the hair, framing the face with a large amount of teasing and with a side part, flipping the hair over to the side. This is a really sexy, cute look.

Extra Short, Long On Top

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Layers and more layers! That’s what makes this style work every time! The back is extra short while the front is heavily layered to give a youthful, stylish look. This style benefits from the use of large earrings which will bring attention to your face.

Relaxed Curls

relaxed curls
The perfect style for a relaxing day while still looking chic! For shoulder length hair with loose curls give a tousled look to this style. The hair is loosely tonged to achieve this relaxed effect.

Contrasting Colors And Layers

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This is a super short bob style with very heavy, chunky layers which are then colored to give a really funky look. Not everyone can carry this style but if you can it is a great head turner! Underneath the original color is visible but the top is streaked with any vibrant color of your choice.

Crown Braid And Rolled Into A Bun

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Here the style is worked on wet hair, with a braid at the front which is then rolled into a bun at the back of the neck. The wet hair will ensure that there are no bits that escape the braid and that they are all rolled into the bun.

Accessorize With A Bandanna

Perfect for hiding greasy hair, this can look as cute as a button with any bandanna you choose. It is a really cute finish to your hair especially if it is slightly curly.

Half Up Half Down With A Twist

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A section of hair from the front is taken and loosely rolled around the head and down into the back before being secured. This is suitable for shoulder to long hair and achieves a very elegant finish.

Plain Jane

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This is another classic which always comes back in style. A small section of hair is drawn up at the back and secured and then using a few strands from the ponytail the band is covered with wrapped around hair.

Braid Wrap

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This is a hippie chic look which is extremely cute with long blond hair. Using a side part, a small braid of hair is wrapped around the forehead and secured at the back.

Lovely Layers

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This style uses short layers on top while leaving the remaining hair in medium lengths. The hair is then streaked with vibrant midnight colors with curled bangs.

Side Swept And Sassy

side swept
This is for long hair; it is voluminous and then swept elegantly over to one side giving a sassy side fringe. Large earrings will finish this off perfectly.

On The Side

side pony
Suitable for long hair, this is all pulled up and secured over to one side so that it cascades down over one shoulder. It is then curled for a wavy effect. Top tinting is an optional addition that can turn your look from great to fantastic.

Ebony Curls

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Here the hair is parted at the center, falling down to the shoulders with a slight curl at the bottom. It is left to hang slightly over the shoulders.

Berry Beauty

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This is a style for dead straight hair that you thought you could never do anything with! The chiseled layers start between the head and the shoulders and blend downwards. The hair is then colored a berry color for the extra flare!

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many styles you can find which will make the most of your lovely locks, no matter how long or short they are. Most of them you can do at home but all of them will make you feel like a million dollars!

No longer do you have to think that only salon styles are the glamorous looks. Try out styles that are fun while at the same utilizing versatility of your hair. If your hair is naturally curly, it gives you an advantage of many styles to try. You can twist or braid it into an updo with some soft waves. This is perfect for an evening out or that dreaded interview.