Today’s Cute And Curly Hair Styles For Women


Naturally curly hair is always the envy of someone with naturally straight hair and vice versa. We always want something that we don’t have. But now is the time to really own our own identity and embrace our natural beauty. The only way to do that is to really take care of ourselves and take absolute pride in what we do. It’s not shallow to think about what we look like if we are doing so for ourselves and why not? But in order to do this we first need to know how. Naturally curly hair is very different to care for than straight, there are a number of features you need to consider.



Curly hair is difficult to keep moisturized as its very nature provides a barrier to the even application of the body’s natural oil, sebum, whereas with straight hair the oil slides neatly down the strand. This obviously makes it difficult to brush curly hair, especially when it is dry and there is no additional moisture to ease the bristles of the brush through the potential knots. To help your hair stay moisturized it is often suggested that those with naturally curly hair should stop using shampoo altogether as it can dry out the hair further, instead it is best to use a moisturizing cleansing conditioner such as DevaCurl N0-Poo Decadence Zero Lather Ultra Moisturizing Milk Cleanser.

Cutting the Frizzbandanna

The next tackle for natural curls is reducing the frizz and getting well defined curls to fall. There are many tips and tricks to achieve this look but it all comes down to just a few key ideas. Over condition, the more conditioner the more moisture. In order to get the best result you want to squeeze the excess moisture from your hair before you apply the conditioner. Don’t wring your hair as it will weaken the strands and could cause breakages. Following this you want to rinse your hair in cold water, it seals the hair cuticles and can make the hair appear shinier, this is because the cold temperature (and this means using as cold as you can stand) locks the follicle, reducing the risk of drying.

Top 15 Curly Hairstyles for Women

  • Short bouncy hair. Going natural is all the rage at the moment, showing off your true colors. Ideally you want to define your curls with conditioner and non-frizz product. Letting the curls naturally bounce off your shoulders while letting a long fringe sweep across your forehead and eyebrows. If of course you are going for a more striking look with your short curls you might want to give an edgier look by cutting in your fringe on a severe line.


  • Next you might want to take your hair straight off your face and frame your beauty for all to see. Taking a long section of hair leading back along your head French braid you hair, creating long lines of definition, then simply let the rest of your hair explode in uncontrollable curls at the back of your head. Beautiful for day or evening.


  • Being that braiding is so popular at the moment, let’s keep with this theme. This time you want to take a section from behind one ear, braiding it along your front hairline to produce a headband with your own hair. Letting your curls fall naturally over the edge of your ears and shoulders to give that playful and sassy look.


  • Now if you, like so many women, have little time in the morning to style and pin your hair, one of the best styles you can go with is a cute and practical loose ponytail. It won’t flatten your curls as you need to pull your hair back softly, you can then tie it with a hair elastic and pull the pony in tight to accentuate the body of your hair.


  • If you are looking for an elegant style to tame your long locks then look no further. Taking your hair to the side of your parting (a side parting works best for this) and twist it away from your face. Secure it with some bobby pins and decorate with a flower. You will have a framing hairstyle that releases into a fountain of well-defined curls.


  • The next one is a slightly plainer style but still so very beautiful. French braid your hair from the top down the back of your head and round to one side, tying off with an invisible band. With curly hair this style shows the true wave of your hair and give the braid body and texture while controlling all those fly away curls.


  • A common hairstyle of the celebrities with curly hair is a take on the top knot. Taking the hair tightly and smoothly from the neck up and securing with an elastic. Then define your curls with your chosen product such as wax or gel and pin twists of your hair into the center of the ponytail, giving a high and elegant style.


  • Another simple yet favored hairstyle is a textured and uneven fringe with shoulder length ringlets. The effect of this such hairstyle is a carefree and sexy look that speaks volumes about how comfortable you are in yourself.


  • Now for a more controversial style. Many people say stay away from very short hair and curls but for some people it can really work. Take Halle Berry for instance, a short pixie cut with her naturally curly hair gives way to a textured and often striking appearance.


  • Now, A-symmetrical styles are one more to look out for pinning back one side of the hair giving a slick shine while the other side is allowed to fall loose and playfully.


  • Pulling your hair back is so frequently the way we have to go in order to survive the day at work or at home with the kids, but whatever your day job is take this style to the next level. Pulling the hair back into a low loose bun and pull a few strands of hair out of the front hair line either side of your parting, framing your face but also being practical in taking your hair up and out of the way.


  • An additional day do that will still leave you feeling glam is the half up, half down do. Pulling your curls from the tips of your ears to the back of your head in an upside down V shape will take a lot of the weight of your neck and free your face from runaway curls. Accessorize with a gem clip, flower or bow to give that summer feeling.


  • Coming to the last few options on our top 15 list is a style that can be pulled off by the few, but when they do it has stunning effect. Drawing a severe and straight parting down the center line of your head and styling your curls to sit down each side of your face, this accentuates the shape of your face and shows off your loose or tight curls to their best advantage.


  • For this style choice we are going to go down the more formal route. Sweeping your curls back from the sides of your head and securing them, then pulling the top of your hair back in a twisted bump. You then want to pin your curls into a neat arrangement at the back of your head and slide an ornamental clip into one side. Lovely.


  • Finally, but by no means the least hairstyle. This is one that goes well with any occasion or outfit. Taking the hair back like in number 5, but instead of pinning your curls to hang loose, twist them into a tight bun that sits behind your ear. Placing a clip along the top edge of it. Beautiful, simple and very feminine.