11 Best Blonde Hair Styles


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Whether or not blondes are really having more fun than the rest of us, they sure can look like they are if they style their hair right. It’s a popular hair color to have, although it always looks best when it is your natural color. Don’t shy away from hair dye and highlights though! Adding a few different shades in there can give your hair that perfect amount of drama and texture. No matter what color you’ve decided on though, you need to style it properly in order to really get the most out of your hair.

Proper Maintenance

Having blonde hair means potentially dealing with some issues that other hair colors may not experience. If not properly taken care of and maintained, blonde hair can become dull and brassy looking. To prevent your hair from getting that brassy look, use a purple shampoo. It may sound odd, but these are specifically formulated for blonde hair, and will maintain your color much better.

Blonde hair also tends to be drier than others to begin with, so heat styling should be done with some precaution. Consider letting your hair air dry for a short time before blow drying, and make sure to use a product that will protect from the heat.

11 Best Styles for Blonde Hair

Simple, Straight Ponytail


You can never go wrong with a simple ponytail. Long blonde hair will work best for this, and you will look absolutely sleek and elegant, while also keeping your hair conveniently out of your face. This look also allows you to sleep a little later in the mornings, as it does not take long to put your hair up like this.

Messy Blonde Curls

messy curl

This look works great for long or short hair, but works best if you have a bit of a natural curl going on. It is also a very easy one to achieve in the mornings, as simply showering and letting your hair dry will give it that messy, loose curl look that has become so popular lately.

Uncombed and Straight


Popularized by actresses such as Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Anniston, This is perfect for anyone with long and naturally straight hair. This easy, low maintenance, tousled look is great when you want something a little more natural, but still potentially formal. With different styles of clothing, this hair style can easily be dressed either up or down, for any kind of event.

Short, Graduated Layers

graduated layers

An excellent choice for strawberry or platinum blonde hair, this look is similar to a pixie. The layers will accentuate and highlight the features of the face, and create the idea that the hair is longer in the front, but shorter in the back.

The Side Braid

side braid

This is a look that is elegant and classy, while being fairly easy to do yourself. You want to make braids on both sides of your head close to your temples, and slowly move it back, attaching the two at the same place on the back of your head. Great for a casual outing or a fancier dinner.

Relaxed Fishtail


Most fishtail braids are done tightly. For something a little different, try doing a looser, more relaxed and chunky kind of braid. It will give you a super fun, casual, summery look.

Layered Highlights

Image result for blonde layered highlights

Blonde hair is great because there are just so many different shades available for you to play with. Add some highlights to your long hair, and get it layered. This will add so much texture and dimension to your hair, and it is incredibly versatile. Simple down do’s will look amazing, as well just about any up-do.

The French Knot

Image result for blonde french knot hair

If you’re looking for an easy, time-saving, but super stylish look, go for a French knot. Simply bunch all of your hair up in a loose knot at the back of your heat, and secure it! Low maintenance and really cute, you can go just about anywhere with this look, even if you’re just going to be sitting in class all day.

Long waves


If your blonde hair is nice and long, consider letting it simply fall down in waves around your shoulders. If your hair is straight, a little work with a curler or flat iron should give you some nice, natural looking waves. This style is great if you have highlights, and is perfect for the beach!

Sleek and Straight


You really can’t go wrong with a simple, sleek, straightened look. Especially dramatic with a shade of platinum blonde hair, add some side bangs to your pin straight look, and you’ll be ready for just about anything, be it casual, fancy, or somewhere in between.

Short Curls

short curls

Short, blonde curls are the go-to look for the super pretty, super sweet and innocent look that everyone loves. It’s adorable, and so versatile. Especially great if your hair is naturally curly, but a bit of work with the flat iron or curling iron can lend the look to someone with straight hair as well!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with the girls, or a super fancy dinner or formal party, you need to make sure your hair is ready! These are some of the most popular styles right now, but don’t be afraid to experiment! The amount of styles out there for you to choose from is vast, and celebs, stylists, and regular people alike are coming up with new ideas all the time. Don’t be afraid to have fun with layers and colors as well. Layers can add some drama and texture to just about any look, and experimenting with colors can be super fun. Just be careful not to be too hard on your hair, as you don’t want to lose the beautiful, healthy shine that comes with sporting blonde hair!