Beautiful Fake Nail Designs


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There is a lot of pressure for women today to look good at all times, but with a busy lifestyle, this can sometimes be tough. A big leap in this direction can be made by taking good care of your nails. A good manicure makes a woman look professional and cared for at all times even if she is on the go.

The Salon

The easiest and most durable way to take care of your nails is to get artificial ones and the first thing you need to decide is whether you prefer gel or acrylic nails. The best way to decide is to talk to a professional nail technician and depending on the type and structure of your nails they can give you advice on what type of artificial nails would be better suited to you. In general, there are some positive sides and some negative sides to both types, but they both have in common that it is best if they are done by a professional. This is first of all because you might lack the equipment and expertise to do them by yourself and secondly because improper artificial nail removal can damage your nail bed and, in extreme cases, cause infection and severe damage to your nails. And let’s face it – it’s always easier and more enjoyable to let someone else pamper you a little.

Acrylic Nails

It is, however, good to have some information on both even before you decide to go to the salon. Acrylic nails are made by applying liquid monomer and powdered polymer directly onto your natural nails. This forms a protective layer that makes your nails harder and more resistant. There is a much lesser chance of them splitting or breaking. The acrylic layer also provides a better base to which colors and intricate designs can be applied later on. If you want your nails to look more glamorous, you can opt for nail extensions with acrylic tips for example.


Pros of acrylic nails are simple removal (they can be soaked off), strength, lower cost and simpler care. Cons are that they can in some cases damage your natural nails (especially if they are not removed by a professional or if you have naturally brittle nails), they look less natural and special chemicals must be used when applying them. The fumes of these chemicals can be a bit unpleasant and to some extent toxic. If you are a healthy individual you have nothing to worry about, pregnant women however are advised against getting acrylic nails due to these fumes.

Gel Nails

Gel nails can be divided into two sub-types: hard gels and soft gels. Hard gels are structurally (from the customer’s point of view) quite similar to acrylic nails. They can be used for nail extensions or elaborate nail art, they have to be filed off, they are long lasting, but most importantly, they have to be cured under a UV light. The soft gels are mostly used on natural nails, to accentuate their shame and to protect them from outside forces. They are not as long lasting as hard gels but they look more natural, they can still be used to create nail art, they might start to chip at the ends after a couple of weeks though. Soft gels have to be cured under a UV light, just like hard gels.

There is research that suggests that soft gels are actually better for your nails because their removal is much simpler and if done properly causes next to no damage to your nail bed. To use soft gels, the structure of your nails has to quite good so they don’t start to chip too soon. If they are too brittle in some extreme cases, the gel polish might come off with the top layer of the nail attached to it.

There are some positive and some negative sides when it comes to gel nails too. Overall both kinds of gel nails look more natural, their curing is much faster and they are proven to be safer for the environment. Even though they cost more, they are less durable than the acrylic ones and harder to maintain in perfect shape. The hard gels, in most cases, still have to be filled off which can damage the natural nail but the damage can be minimized if the process is done by a professional.

As previously mentioned, the best way to chose the right type of nails for yourself is by choosing a good nail salon and nail technician where you can get proper advice. An important but sometimes overlooked part of this process is establishing a connection with the nail tech you decide to visit. Trusting the person that does your nails makes it less of a chore and more of a pleasant part of your self-care routine.

When it comes to trends in fake nail designs the current favorite aesthetic is still an almond shaped acrylic nail in any nude color, mostly mat. If you prefer a bit of sparkle, rhinestones or glitter can be added, but the current most popular style is still very minimalistic. In all honesty, nail trends are changing all the time and there is no set way of doing your nails. They are a form of self-expression. The best way to go is to experiment a little and figure out what you like most and what goes best with your other style choices. And this doesn’t go only for the colors. There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to length, shapes can vary from round to square to completely pointed, the best way is to try them out and decide what suits you best when it comes to style and practicality.

Overall, artificial nails and fake nail designs are a wonderful way to express yourself every day, no matter where you are. With just this little detail you can make sure you always look well put together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shapes and designs and most of all have fun with the ever-changing nail trends.